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Photo: Residents queue for free food at a community pantry in Quezon city, Philippines (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

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Moving Humanitarian‑Military Relations Forward: A New Typology

This article presents a new typology for humanitarian-military relations (HMR). This typology can serve as an analytical framework for assessing, during humanitarian emergencies, how civilian responders can and should engage with armed actors. The typology considers two factors: (1) the nature of crisis-affected population’s perceptions of an armed actor, and (2) the extent of alignment of civilian responders’ and armed actors’ interests and objectives. This typology is empirically rooted in an in-depth analysis of HMR across four humanitarian response contexts: (1) the Kivu Ebola Epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, (2) the Rukban forced displacement crisis along the Jordan-Syria border, (3) the Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines, and (4) the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines.The analysis presented in this article is based on 175 qualitative interviews conducted with civilian responders, armed actors, and crisis-affected individuals across these contexts.


Civilian-Military Coordination During the U.S. National Response to COVID-19

May 2023 | Authors: Alexandria J. Nylen, Ahad Bashir, Kethural Manokaran, David Polatty, and Adam Levine

Deadly Deja Vu: Russia Revisits Syria War Tactics in Ukraine

April 2023 | Authors: Tayseer Alkarim

‘Then, We Lost Everything:’ Afghan Evacuee Experiences of Operation Allies Refuge and Operation Allies Welcome
April 2023 | Authors: Alexandria J. Nylen, Omar Bah, Jonathan Bott, Giovanna Deluca, Adam C. Levine, and Subhan Mohebi

She Pays the Highest Price: The Toll of Conflict on Reproductive Health in Northwest Syria

March 2023 | Authors: Houssam Alnahhas, Adrienne Fricke, Leonie Tax, Amany Qaddour, Diana Rayes, Ihlas Altinci, Jennifer Higgins, Abdulselam Daif, Okba Doghim, Ahmad Albik, Mohamed Hamze

Collaborating the Relief and Recovery Efforts in Post Disaster Situations in Pakistan: Need Assessment and Conceptual Coordination Framework

November 2022 | CHRHS Seed Grant | Authors: Aisha Azhar and Muhammad Nasir Malik

Reviewing Guidance and Perspectives on Humanitarian Notification Systems for Deconfliction
October 2022 | CHRHS and USNWC Report | Authors: Carmen Bebbington, Sierra Fang-Horvath, Georgia Harrington, David Polatty, Jonathan Robinson

Public Action and the Pandemic: The Role of Civil Society in Shaping State Responses
June 2022 | CHRHS Report | Authors: Anindita Adhikari, Maria Carrines P. Alejandria, Benjamin Bradlow, Patrick Heller, Adam C. Levine, Maria F. Lopez-Portillo, Salma Mutwafy, Seth Stulen, Ieva Zumbyte

Humanitarian-Military Relations in Complex Emergencies: Evidence, Insights, and Recommendations

May 2022 | CHRHS Report | Maria Carinnes P. Alejandria, Samuel T. Boland, Hank Brightman, Rob Grace, Adam C. Levine, Alexandria J. Nylen, David Polatty, Zein Tayyeb

Humanitarian-Military Relations in Complex Emergencies: Practical Guidance for Policymakers and Humanitarian Planners

May 2022 | CHRHS Policy Guidance 

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Journal Articles

Post COVID-19 Test Score Recovery: Initial Evidence from State Testing Data

April 2023 | National Bureau of Economic Research | Authors: Clare Halloran, Claire E Hug, Rebecca Jack, Emily Oster

Health Care in US Correctional Facilities - A Limited and Threatened Constitutional Right

March 2023 | New England Journal of Medicine | Authors: Marcella Alsan, Crystal S Yang, James R Jolin, Lucy Tu, Josiah D Rich

Utopias Latino-Americanas: Polıtica, Sociedade, Cultura

March 2023 | Hispanic American Historical Review | Authors: James N Green

Moving Humanitarian‑Military Relations Forward: A New Typology

February 2023 | Journal of International Humanitarian Action | Authors: Rob Grace, Maria Carrines Alejandria, Madison Bates, Samuel T. Boland, Alexandria J. Nylen, Zein Tayyeb, and Adam Levine

COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Outpatient Therapy to Prevent Outpatient Hospitalization: A Meta-analysis of Individual Participant Data From Five Randomized Trials

February 2023 | Clinical Infectious Diseases | Authors: Adam C Levine, Yuriko Fukuta, Moises A Huaman, Jiangda Ou, Barry R Meisenberg, Bela Patel, James H Paxton, Daniel F Hanley, Bart JA Rijnders, Arvind Gharbharan, Casper Rokx, Jaap Jan Zwaginga, Andrea Alemany, Oriol Mitjà, Dan Ouchi, Pere Millat-Martinez, Valerie Durkalski‑Mauldin, Frederick K Korley, Larry J Dumont, Clifton W Callaway, Romina Libster, Gonzalo Perez Marc, Diego Wappner, Ignacio Esteban, Fernando Polack, David J Sullivan

Emergency unit assessment of seven tertiary hospitals in Nepal using the WHO tool: a cross-sectional study

February 2023 | International Journal of Emergency Medicine | Authors: Ramu Kharel, Ghan B. Thapa, Tamara Voor, Samriddha R. Pant, Samir K. Adhikari, Bimal S. Bist, Pryanka Relan, Timmy Lin, Derek Lubetkin, Giovanna Deluca, Olita Shilpakar, Sanu K. Shrestha, Yagya R. Pokharel, Santosh Paudel, Ajay S. Thapa, Yogendra M. Shakya, Achyut R. Karki, Nishant Dhakal, & Adam R. Aluisio  

Introduction: Brazil under Bolsonaro

February 2023 | Latin American Perspectives | Tulio Ferreira and James N. Green

Physician-Delegated Unobserved Induction with Buprenorphine in Pharmacies

January 2023 | The New England Journal of Medicine | Traci C. Green, Rachel Serafinski, Seth A. Clark, Josiah D. Rich, and Jeffrey Bratberg

Peacekeeping, security sector reform, and the rule of law

December 2022 | Handbook on Peacekeeping and International Relations | Robert A. Blair

Development and assessment of novel virtual COVID-19 trainer-of trainers course implemented by an academic–humanitarian partnership
December 2022 | Global Health Action | Ramu Kharel, Janette Baird, Himanshu Vaishnav, Nidhi Chillara, J Austin Lee, Alicia Genisca, Alison Hayward, Vlatko Uzevski, Asmaa Elbenni, Adam C LevineAdam R Aluisio 

Provision of Air Conditioning and Heat-Related Mortality in Texas Prisons

November 2022 | JAMA Network Open | Julianne Skarha, Amite Dominick, Keith Spangler, David Dosa, Josiah D Rich, David A Savitz, Antonella Zanobetti 

Trends in Neurotrauma Epidemiology, Management, and Outcomes During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kigali, Rwanada

November 2022 | Journal of Neurotrauma | Mr. Oliver Young Tang, Dr. Chantal Uwamahoro, Dr. Catalina González Marqués, Ms. Aly Beeman, Ms. Enyonam Odoom, Dr. Vincent Ndebwanimana, Dr. Doris Uwamahoro, Ms. Mediatrice Niyonsaba, Mr. Apollinaire Nzabahimana, Mr. Silas Munyanziza, Dr. Steven Nshuti, Ms. Spandana Jarmale, Dr. Andrew Stephen, and Dr. Adam Aluisio

Kinship as Cultural Citizenship in Post-disaster Housing Reconstruction: Narratives from Fisherfolk in the Philippines

October 2022 | Complex Disasters. Disaster Risk, Resilience, Reconstruction and Recovery | Pamela Gloria Cajilig

Opportunities and Obstacles for Achieving Language Equity among Adolescents Resettled from the Middle East and North Africa
October 2022 | Journal of Refugee Studies | Alli Gillespie, Hannah Brumbaum, Mariam Salama, Cyril Bennouna, Carine Allaf, Wafa Hassan, Jeremy Aldrich, Sarah R Meyer, Lindsay Stark

The Promise and Pitfalls of Conflict Prediction: Evidence from Colombia and Indonesia

July 2022 | The Review of Economics and Statistics | Samuel Bazzi, Robert A. Blair, Christopher Blattman, Oeindrila Dube, Matthew Gudgeon, Richard Peck

Russian Foreign Humanitarian Assistance Identifying Trends Using 15 Years of Open-Source Data

April 2022 | Expeditions Journal at Marine Corps University Press | Jonathan Robinson

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How California and other states are tackling AI legislation

March 2023 | Brookings | Sorelle Friedler, Suresh Venkatasubramanian and Alex Engler

The Bomb in the Background: What the War in Ukraine Has Revealed About Nuclear Weapons
February 2023 | Foreign Affairs | Nina Tannenwald

Let pharmacists prescribe addiction medicine

January 2023 | Boston Globe | Traci Green, Jeffrey Bratberg, and Josiah Rich

I Once Ran Human Rights Watch. Harvard Blocked My Fellowship Over Isreal

January 2023 | The Guardian | Kenneth Roth (CHRHS Advisory Board Member) 

Exploring Russia's Views on Humanitarian Aid in Syria

January 2023 | Fikra Forum | Jonathan Robinson (CHRHS Global Fellow)

My Uncle Died in Qatar

December 2022 | Nepali Times | Ramu Kharel

An electoral pivot that restores Brazil's democracy

November 2022 | The Hindu | Patrick Heller

Ukraine Points Up the Threat to Education During War

June 14, 2022 | IPS News Opinion | Jerome Marston (CHRHS Global Fellow)

How the Invasion of Ukraine Sounds to Syrians

June 3, 2022 | Newsweek Opinion | Tayseer Alkarim (CHRHS Global Fellow)

Here's a Vice headline for you: 'We took millions to improve the image of a murderous dictator' 

March 18, 2022 | Washington Post Opinion | John Hursh (CHRHS Visiting Scholar)

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