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Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies (CHRHS)


Global Fellows Program

We are now accepting applications for our Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies (CHRHS) Global Fellows program. In the spirit of collaboration, we encourage humanitarian and human rights professionals and academics to apply. As a Global Fellow of CHRHS, you will be part of a dynamic network of faculty, students, and practitioners interested in humanitarian assistance and human rights. Fellows will contribute to the portfolio of CHRHS through collaborative interdisciplinary research on both the causes of, and solutions for, human rights abuses and the most pressing global humanitarian challenges. CHRHS Global Fellows will not be physically located at Brown University, however, opportunities for collaboration with Brown University faculty, students, and fellows will be made available as they develop. While no guaranteed funding is currently attached to this fellowship, access to research and training seed grants are made available on a yearly basis. 

Apply to become a CHRHS Global Fellow > 

* Application Materials due by July 31, 2019  

Research and Training Seed Grant Program

CHRHS Research and Training Seed Grants are designed to help fund innovation-driven approachhes to increasing the effectiveness and accountability of disaster preparedness, humanitarian response, and post-emergency reconstruction as well as furthering a deeper understanding of global human rights. Preferences will be given to proposals that demonstrate interdisciplinary collaboration between academics and practitioners. The call for applications will go out in September 2019. The application deadline is November 1, 2019. 

Create a NeedsList for Your Organization

CHRHS is now a vetting partner for NeedsList, a real-time, all-in-one platform that allows you to list, promote, track and manage your organization’s supply, volunteer and financial needs. NeedsList provides concrete and tangible ways for individual and corporate donors to identify how to meet needs for communities in crisis. Whenever possible, we work with local suppliers and provide an e-commerce "storefront" so users can purchase items directly through our platform. This, of course, depends somewhat on where NGOs are located and we are building out our supplier base as we go. Right now we have several tech companies looking for concrete volunteer opportunities for their employees (both remote and in person) so please feel free to think broadly -- it's great when there's a really big range of needs on your lists. We're learning and iterating alongside our NGO partners as we go and are planning to build in better functionality to streamline the process of creating lists, texting in needs from the field and all kinds of other fun stuff! 

For more information on getting a NeedsList up and running for your organization, please contact Seth Stulen (seth_stulen@brown.edu)