Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies (CHRHS)

Health and Wellbeing in Humanitarian Action

Despite advancements in Humanitarian studies and the wide range of trainings and academic programs dedicated to health in emergencies and healthcare in Humanitarian Action, these workshops are rarely dedicated to field staff in their local language and it is even more rare that these foundational programs are dedicated to future humanitarians. In an attempt to address this gap, this workshop introduces a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the basics of what constitutes the humanitarian sector, key principles, main actors and mechanisms, with a particular focus on health and wellbeing concepts and programing in humanitarian settings. The workshop will be conducted in Arabic, with some of the sessions hosted by academics in the Humanitarian health field to be streamed online.These pilot sessions are intended to become the first step in a greater discussion of integrating humanitarian action as a constituent part of public health studies in the middle east. 

The workshop is designed as a collaboration with the International Federation of Medical Students’ association (IFMSA) Egypt and will be presented at one of the General Assemblies of IFMSA where medical students interested in public health and Humanitarian Action from all the Egyptian universities meet.