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Dawn Brancati

Dawn Brancati

Senior Lecturer in International and Public Affairs

Dawn Brancati is Senior Lecturer in International and Public Affairs at Brown University.  Her research focuses on peacebuilding, primarily on democratic tools to prevent and resolve violent conflicts within states, such as decentralization and elections.  Professor Brancati has also examined the relationship of natural disasters and public health measures to violence in her research.  Brancati has published several books related to her research and teaching and numerous articles in the leading journals of her field.

Professor Brancati has received various prominent grants and fellowships in support of her research from institutions including the National Science Foundation and Harvard, Yale, and Princeton universities.  She has also consulted and advised various governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental agencies on her research, such as the US Department of State, CIA, USAID, and World Bank. Dawn Brancati earned her and PhD, MPhil, and MA in political science from Columbia University and a BA in government from Cornell University.