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Meray Maddah

Doctoral Researcher, Politics and Public Administration Department, University of Konstanz

Meray Maddah (she/her) is a doctoral researcher at the Politics and Public Administration Department in the University of Konstanz. She is part of the Emmy Noether Working Group titled, “Legislatures in International Politics”, led by Dr. Thomas Malang.

Her research interests include the foreign influence of national legislators; statistical network analysis; Middle East and North African geopolitics and legislators; and consociational and identity-based politics in the MENAregion as they relate to nation-building and trends of statehood transformations.

Prior to her doctoral research, Maddah was a Research Assistant at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s MENA programme where she was involved in policy-based research on protest movements and state-society relations. She was also a project manager at the Berghof Foundation in Beirut where her work was focused on the German Foreign Office-funded project “Supporting local dialogues, regional exchange and capacity-building of religious and social actors” in Lebanon.

She graduated from the University of Siena where her MA thesis focused on the instrumentalization of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) in democratic transitions in Post-Arab Spring era. She is the winner of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's 50th Anniversary Research Paper Competition for her paper ‘Welcoming the 4th Revolution: A Cyber-Physical Reality by 2030’.

Maddah is a current Youth Ambassador for UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Alliance. Maddah was also a previous peace and conflict studies fellow with Rondine Cittadella della Pace, a conflict-resolution association based in Italy.


Selected Publications

O’Driscoll, D., Fazil, S., Ardovini, L., Maddah, M., and Bourhrous, A., Re-imagining the Social Contract in Iraq, UNDP Iraq (June 2022).

O’Driscoll, D., Fazil, S., Ardovini, L., Maddah, M., and Bourhrous, A., The Social Contract and Governance in Iraq, UNDP Iraq (January 2022).

Maddah, M., Political Participation in Lebanon: A Look into Emerging Political Movements, LSE Middle East Centre (September 2021).

Maddah, M., A movement in good company: Voices of Lebanese women, LSE Women, Peace and Security (January 2021).