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Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies (CHRHS)

Nattawut Kasem

Nattawut Kasem

Civil Society Specialist

Nattawut has been playing an integral role in international civil society organisations on tackling issues of human trafficking, forced labour, safe migration, and human rights abuse through investigate-based policy advocacy for years. he is also striving to bring about long-term systematic reform by alerting the government, policymakers, consumers, and businesses to the detrimental human rights. Besides, he is working with, and for, those on the frontlines of destruction who are directly affected by the damage in order to investigate, document, and exposé human rights abuses in global supply chains. 

His expertise bring to fruition along the ways of confronting the cross sectional challenges between Anthropocene (if not Capitalocene) and social inequalities in the context of growing Haves & Have-Nots divide. In doing so, his approach is combining the green diplomacy (climate diplomacy, to be more specific) and the nexus of socio-economic and political power – or the lack of – in order to turn aside the militarised securitisation of climate change response into human rights-based climate mitigation and adaptation for the purpose of facilitating and localising environmental justice. 

Moreover, he has first-hand experience in conducting strategic advocacy with government officials, elected representatives, members of the diplomatic community, representatives of UN and other international agencies, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and other key decision-makers, influencers, and stakeholders with a view towards addressing human rights concerns and strengthen the human rights defenders in Thailand.