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Costs of War

Teaching the Costs of War

Engaging Undergraduates in Interdisciplinary Learning

The Costs of War Project's Campus Initiative aims to provide resources for educators looking to engage their undergraduate students in interdisciplinary conversations about war and its costs, as well as alternatives for a de-militarized future. Educators can use this page to access resources like visual aids and activities and engage with the Costs of War Project inside and outside the classroom.

This page is under construction. Please reach out to allison_peters@alumni.brown.edu with any questions or feedback.

Teaching About War

Featured article "Unpacking the Invisible Military Backpack: 56 Suggestions for Teaching About War" from anthropologist and Costs of War contributor David Vine provides suggestions for educators in the social sciences and humanities to teach about war and militarism.


A collection of syllabi, readings, and discussion questions about the human, economic, and social/political costs of war.

Building Student Advocates

Guides and resources for instructors to encourage their students to question the militarized status quo and take action in their communities to build a better future.

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