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Costs of War

Teaching the Costs of War

Engaging Students in Interdisciplinary Learning

The Costs of War project provides teaching resources for educators seeking to engage their students in interdisciplinary conversations about the post-9/11 wars and their costs, as well as alternatives for a de-militarized future. Educators can access resources like multimedia, visual aids and activities to engage with Costs of War issues in and out of the classroom. The Educator Spotlight series highlights firsthand accounts from professors teaching about the costs of war in their classrooms and why it is crucially important to do so.

Educator Spotlight

An interview about war, gender, and embodiment and the importance of teaching on the Costs of War with Dr. Jennifer Greenburg, Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Sheffield, for our Teaching Campaign.

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Teaching Resources

A collection of videos, infographics, syllabi, and more to support instructors in bringing dialogue about the human, political, and economic costs of the post-9/11 wars to the classroom.

Article: "Teaching About War"

Featured article "Unpacking the Invisible Military Backpack: 56 Suggestions for Teaching About War" provides suggestions for educators to teach about war and militarism.