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Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies (CHRHS)

Update on COVID-19 Training for Health Care Workers

July 13, 2020

COVID-19 map

In July 2020, the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies in partnership with Project HOPE released "COVID-19 Training for Health Care Workers: Preparedness and Response," a project report on the development and implementation of a COVID-19 training program for health workers, public health professionals, health care leadership, and key frontline personnel to rapidly scale-up response efforts in highrisk countries.

Developed by Brown University faculty with expertise in infectious diseases, emergency medicine, medical education, and instructional design, the training curriculum has been designed in accordance with World Health Organization standards, best practices, and guidelines. The training program, teaches and evaluates trainees on COVID-19 core competencies, including biology and transmission mechanisms; infection prevention and control; contact tracing; screening and triage; diagnosis and management; stabilization and resuscitation; health facility operations and surge capacity; and risk communication and public health messaging. Designed for ease of remote access, the training program is delivered virtually by Brown University trainers and is accompanied by real-time Q&A support. Tailored for each specific country setting in which it is delivered, the curriculum focuses on strengthening the capacity of health workers in resource-limited settings. The training utilizes a Training-of-Trainers model to engage master trainers and coach new trainers, allowing Project HOPE and CHRHS to quickly build a cadre of competent instructors who are able to train other health workers within their networks to respond efficiently to the threat of COVID-19 while also protecting their own health.