Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Taubman Center

John Hazen White Sr. Lecture – Reihan Salam – One-nationism and the Future of American Politics

Thursday, March 14, 2019

4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Joukowsky Forum, 111 Thayer Street

Reception to follow in 111 Thayer St. Lobby

The U.S. political scene is in the midst of a phase shift. On the left, the centrist liberalism of an older generation is giving way to a democratic socialism embraced by the young. On the right, movement conservatism is being challenged by more communitarian, egalitarian, and nationalist tendencies. What lies behind these ideological transitions, and what might our policy debates look like in the decades to come?

Reihan Salam is the incoming president of the Manhattan Institute. He is also the executive editor of National Review and a National Review Institute Policy Fellow. He is a contributing editor at The Atlantic and National Affairs. Salam is the author of Melting Pot or Civil War?(Sentinel, 2018) and the co-author, with Ross Douthat, of Grand New Party (Doubleday, 2008).

John Hazen White, Sr., Lecture