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Researchers gather to study race and ethnicity politics for 2020 elections (Jonathan Collins mentioned)

September 14, 2018 UCLA Newsroom

UCLA CMPS Conference Scholars

A group of over 100 scholars convened at UCLA in early August to conduct studies based on new data on race and ethnicity and their effects on elections. 

Johnathan Collins, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown, led two work-in-progress studies at a UCLA conference of over 100+ political scholars from across the country. His work included topics such as “Was Hillary Clinton ‘Berned’ By Millennials? Age, Race, and Third-Party Vote Choice in the 2016 Presidential Election” and “Riled Up about Running for Office: Examining the Impact of Emotions on Political Ambition.”

UCLA political science team leading the way in the study of race and ethnicity politics - UCLA Newsroom