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Taubman Center


The Taubman Center’s research and programming focus on three core themes: the cost of living, the value of democracy, and the price of security. We have designed the Taubman Poll to examine various aspects of these core themes.

In this context, we have designed the poll to meet four aims: to speak to current events, to inform applied policymaking, to support research, and to provide training opportunities for students.

By fielding our surveys using the nationally regarded YouGov platform, we are able to use a wide range of formats to ask our questions. This includes asking questions connected to particular images and conducting survey experiments, in addition to asking standard survey questions. The high-quality YouGov sample is matched with voter registration records, which allows us to assess the opinions of likely voters. It also offers the potential for longitudinal analysis (asking the same people questions), which also offers us more opportunities to assess changes over time. 

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