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Providence City Survey, September 1995

January 1, 1995

September 25-27, 1995
N=385 Catholics in Rhode Island
Margin of Error: +/- 5 %

Gender of respondent: male 41%, female 59%

How frequently do you attend Mass? three or more times a week 5%, weekly 36, two or more times a month 10, several times a year 18, holidays only 8, seldom or never 23, don't know 0, no answer 0

How often in the past year have you gone to confession? 0 times 61%, 1-4 times 29, 5-8 times 4, 8-12 times 1, more than 12 times 1, don't know 1, no answer 3

How important is it for Catholics to be attentive to the teachings of the Pope? very important 32%, somewhat important 47, not very important 16, don't know 3, no answer 2

How would you rate Bishop Louis Gelineau's leadership of the Diocese of Providence? excellent 10%, good 39, only fair 25, poor 10, don't know 14, no answer 2

In your view, is sex between people before marriage: always wrong 20%, sometimes wrong 51, never wrong 18, don't know 5, no answer 6

Do you think divorced Catholics, without receiving an annulment, should be allowed to remarry in the church and receive all the sacraments? yes 66%, no 28, don't know 5, no answer 1

In your opinion, should the numbers of Catholic priests by replenished by: permitting the ordination of married men 19%, ordaining women 4, both of these 50, neither of these 18, don't know 6, no answer 3

Which one of the following best represents your view about abortion? by law, abortion should never be permitted 11%, the law should permit abortion only in case of rape, incest, or when the woman's life is in danger, 30, the law should permit abortion for reasons other than rape, incest or danger to the woman's life, but only after the need for the abortion has been clearly established 15, by law, a woman should be able to obtain an abortion as a matter of personal choice 39, don't know 1, no answer 4

How active should the Catholic Church be in its opposition to abortion? very active 27%, somewhat active 38, not very active 29, don't know 2, no answer 4

Have you personally ever practiced artificial birth control? yes 46%, no 43, don't know 3, no answer 8

If yes, did the practice of artificial birth control make you feel like less of a good Catholic? yes 7%, no 93, don't know 0, no answer 0

Have the recent allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of priests shaken your faith in Catholicism?

yes 41%, no 54, don't know 3, no answer 2

How would you rate Bishop Gelineau's handling of these allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of priests? excellent 3%, good 16, only fair 33, poor 28, don't know 16, no answer 4

Which of the following age group are you in? 18-24 12%, 25-34 22, 35-44 22, 45-54 17, 55-64 11, 65 or older 15, no answer 1


Darrell M. West, Thomas J. Anton, and Jack Combs