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CLACS Certificate Program

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies is proud to announce a doctoral specialization certificate program open to enrolled PhD students.

Brown University currently offers several such programs, which are designed to extend expertise into interdisciplinary areas and to certify training beyond the home Ph.D. discipline. They promise to advance student careers as well as promote intellectual exchange and community in these academic areas.  

The CLACS Certificate Program consists of the following elements:

1)      Pre-requisite certification of language ability.

2)      Students will be required to pass four graduate courses focusing on Latin America (including Latinx populations and the Caribbean). The courses must be in at least three different departments (one of these courses may be taken in the student’s home department) and must be approved by the CLACS Director; approval after the fact is possible. Only one may be a language course. A minimum grade of either Satisfactory or C in a 1000 or 2000 level course carries credit toward all advanced degrees. There are no restrictions on whether the courses are graded or S/NC.

3)      Students will be required to write a short (3-5 pages double spaced) narrative rationale of how those classes cohere into an advanced interdisciplinary course of study.           Please submit the rationale to clacs@brown.edu

4)      Students will be required to formally present their Latin American/Caribbean related research to CLACS at some point during their affiliation.

5)      Students should submit a PDF of their transcript to clacs@brown.edu

Successful completion of the requirements of the certificate program will be recognized on the Brown University transcript with a notation indicating the field of advanced specialization. Although approved programs may be informally described as “certificates,” no separate document will be awarded by the Registrar.

Admission to the Certificate Program

Current or incoming graduate students must submit a form in UFunds. The should confirm that they have competence in Spanish or Portuguese (or another regional language such as Creyol, Kaqchikel Maya, or Quechua, if appropriate to their research site) and list the courses on Latin America and the Caribbean that they have completed, as well as additional courses relevant for the certificate that they anticipate taking during their time at Brown. The student should also include their transcript. The student must list the name of their DGS, so that they can approve the application. They must also write a short (3-5 pages double spaced) narrative rationale of how those classes cohere into an advanced interdisciplinary course of study, which should be submited to clacs@brown.eduf current graduate students have already completed the requirements of the program – including having taken the four courses – they may apply for recognition of this effort via the certificate. Indeed, students may apply to participate in the certificate program at any time during their doctoral career.

Click here for the application.

For more information, or to apply to this program, please contact Center Manager Kate Goldman at kate_goldman@brown.edu.