Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs


Summer 2021 LACA Cross-Listed Courses

Course Title Instructor
ENVS 0720 Ecological Imperialism Brian G Lander
GNSS 1070 On Both Sides of the Lens: Latin American Women Filmmakers Jeremy Lehnen
HISP 0730 Encounters: Latin America in its Literature and Culture Iris Montero
HISP 1331E Visions and Voices of Indigenous Mexico Iris Montero
HIST 0233 Colonial Latin America Jeremy R. Mumford
HIST 0580M The Age of Revolutions, 1760 - 1824 Jeremy R. Mumford
HIST 0673A Colonial Encounters in the Early Atlantic Gabriel Rocha
POBS 0281 Digital Dreams: Brazil Cinema on the World Stage Jeremy Lehnen