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LACA 2021 Spring Courses  

Spring 2021 LACA COURSES

Course Title Instructor
LACA 1371L/HISP1371L      "Take My Breath Away": A Cultural History of Air in Modern Latin America's Imagination and Literature E. Durante & F. Martínez-Pinzón
LACA 1402/IAPA 1402 Beyond Sun, Sea and Sand: Exploring the Contemporary Caribbean  P. Lewis
LACA 1503S
Music and Sports in the Americas 
L. Achondo
LACA 1503T Caribbean Feminisms K. Kempadoo
LACA 1503V Health of Hispaniola  T. Empkie

SPRING 2021 LACA Cross-Listed Courses

Course Title Instructor
AFRI 1150 Afro-Caribbean Philosophy Paget Henry
ANTH 1505 Vertical Civilization: South American Archaeology from Monte Verde to the Inkas Parker VanValkenburgh
CLPS 1392 Modern Mayan Languages Scott H AnderBois
COLT 0610E Crisis and Identity in Mexico, 1519 - 1968 Stephanie Merrim
COLT 0710I New Worlds: Reading Spaces and Places in Colonial Latin America Stephanie Merrim
EDUC 1030 Comparative Education Pierre De Galbert
ENGL 1711N Monsters in our Midst: The Plantation and the Woods in Trans-American Literature Dixa Ramirez D'Oleo
GNSS 1961S Boom Towns: Finance and Literature in Latin America Nicolas Sánchez-Rodriguez
HISP 0550 Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers Eva Gómez García
HISP 0750B The Latin American Diaspora in the US Iris Montero
HISP 0750G Wild-eyed Stories Mercedes Vaquero
HISP 1371L
From Pancho Villa to Netflix: An Introduction to Mexican Cinema
Gustavo Quintero Lozano
HISP 1371O Mexican and Peruvian Modern Narratives Julio C Ortega
HISP 2620O Authorship and Authoritarianism in Spain and Latin America Sarah L Thomas
HIST 0234 Modern Latin America Daniel A Rodriguez
HIST 0577B  The US - Mexico Border and Borderlands: A Bilingual English - Spanish Seminar Evelyn Hu-Dehart
HIST 0690A Empire and Everyday Life in Colonial America Michelle Mericle
HIST 1310 History of Brazil James N Green
HIST 1967L Politics and Culture Under the Brazilian Military Dictatorship, 1964 - 1985 James N Green
HIST 2971T Colonial Latin America Jeremy Mumford
MUSC 0021F Popular Music and Society in Latin America Joshua Tucker
POBS 0630 Imagining the Environment: the Lusophone World Leila Lehnen
POBS 1810 Belonging and Displacement: Cross - Cultural Identities Patricia Sobral