Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs


Spring 2023 LACA COURSES

Course Code

Course Title

Course Instructor


LACA 1503V

Health of Hispaniola

Timothy M. Empkie

TTh 6:40-8:00pm

LACA 1503Z

Neoliberalism and Cross-Border Regions in Latin America and the Caribbean

Humberto Dilla Alfonso

M 3:00-5:30pm

LACA 1504I

Different But Equal: Debates in Schooling of Indigenous and Afro-Descendants in South America 

Luis Martín Valdiviezo

T 4-6:30pm

LACA 1504M

 In-Transit Identities: Migration in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Popular Culture

Mateo Diaz Choza

 TTh 10:30-11:50

LACA 1504N

Writing the Amazon and the End of the World: Gender, Care, and Cosmopolitics 

José Miguel Nieto Olivar

F 3-5:30p

LACA 1504O 

Re-thinking Latin American Geographies through Social Mapping 

Gerónimo Barrera de la Torre

TTh 1-2:20p


Course Code

Course Title

Course Instructor

HISP 1331E

Visions and Voices of Indigenous Mexico

Iris Montero

HISP 2600

Exploring and Extracting in Colonial Latin American Literatures

Iris Montero

POBS 1800D

Into the Wilderness: An Ecocritical and Decolonial Approach to Imagining Brazil

Jeremy Lehnen

Leila M Lehnen

POBS 0630B

Lusophone Cities in Literature, Film and Music

Jeremy Lehnen, Torin Spangler

HISP 0650

Advanced Spanish Through Literature & Film

Felipe Martinez-Pinzon & Erica Durante (2 sections)

HISP 1331Q

Las raras: escritoras y artistas latinoamericanas

Michelle Clayton

HISP 0750G

Wildeyed Stories

Mercedes Vaquero

HIST 1340

History of the Andes from Incas to Evo Morales

Jeremy R Mumford

HISP 0750Q

Health, Illness and Medicine in Spanish and Spanish American Literature and Film

Jill Kuhnheim

HIST 1967C

Making Revolutionary Cuba, 1959-Present

Jennifer L Lambe

HIST 0256

Introduction to Latinx History

Mark Ocegueda

HIST 0234

Modern Latin America

Daniel A Rodriguez

HIST 1977I

Gender, Race, and Medicine in the Americas

Daniel A Rodriguez

POBS 2500B

Portuguese Overseas Encounters

Onesimo T Almeida

HIST 1382

The Environmental History of Latin America

Gabriel Rocha

POBS 1601K

Early Modern Global History at the John Carter Brown Library: A Research Workshop

Gabriel Rocha

ETHN 1750L

Latina Feminisms

Leticia Alvarado

ETHN 1200M

Latinx in Graphic Detail

Leticia Alvarado

HIST 1333

The Mexican Revolution

Evelyn Hu-Dehart

HISP 0750W

Caribe Queer

Adrián Hernández-Acosta

Four additional bilingual courses will come soon on Education, Social Geography, Migration, Literature and Popular Culture, and the Amazon.
For more information, please contact the LACA DUS: erica_durante@brown.edu