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Spring 2024 LACA COURSES

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LACA 1504K

Trumpism in the Tropics: Far-Right Movements in Brazil and Latin America (Click here to see course trailer)

Guilherme Casaroes

The ongoing wave of far-right populists across the hemisphere is making Latin American politics look more like the United States’. Contemporary far-right movements such as Bolsonarism in Brazil have been largely built around ideas and strategies imported from US far-right groups. That includes paleolibertarians, Christian fundamentalists, and alt-right supremacists. Moreover, the Latin American far right has become transnational in essence, operating across national borders and exchanging material and symbolic resources with one another. They all have embraced Trumpism and US-inspired culture wars as role models to construct a new political reality at home. The language of instruction will be English. This course will be a trilingual learning experience, reading and discussing opinions in Spanish, English, and Brazilian Portuguese.

LACA 1504L

Personal Worlds / Political Bodies: Art Archives from Latin America (Click here to see course trailer)

Agustín Diez Fischer
Art archives in Latin America have undergone profound transformations over the last 30 years. These changes include a new institutional landscape; novel processing and accessibility technologies, including the emergence of digital archives; an expansion of private collections focused on documents; the development of market-oriented archives; and a greater presence of documents in art exhibitions. At the same time, archives have played a central role in the transformation of social art history, allowing the expansion of knowledge about artists and artistic scenes that have been excluded from the art historical canon.


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Course Title

Course Instructor

AFRI 2502

Race and Nation in the Spanish Caribbean

Gabriel Regalado

AFRI 1060G

Black Radical Tradition

Gabriel Regalado

EDUC 0540

Language and Education Policy in Multilingual Contexts

Pierre De Galbert

EDUC 1765

Education Policy and Program Evaluations in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Pierre De Galbert

EDUC 0425

The Power of Translanguaging: Sustaining Multilingualism in Schools

Tricia Kelly

ENVS 1233

Underground Studies: Extractivism and Decolonization in the Americas/Abiayala

Regina Pressly

ETHN 1750L

Latina Feminisms

Leticia Alvarado

HISP 0750B

The Latin American Diaspora in the US

   Sebastian Antezana Quiroga

HISP 1331J

Hablan los hijos: una nueva generación de escritores latinoamericanos

Michelle Clayton

HISP 0750Q

Health, Illness and Medicine in Spanish and Spanish American Literature and Film

Jill Kuhnheim

HISP 0750Y

Stories of Nature

Iris Montero

HISP 1331T

“Nuestra parte de noche”: Literatura latinoamericana de lo cruel, macabro y sobrenatural

Erica Durante

HIST 0234

Modern Latin America

Daniel Rodriguez

HIST 1267

The Global British Empire,1600-The Present

Tiraana Bains

HIST 1333

The Mexican Revolution

Evelyn Hu-Dehart

HIST 1967L

Politics and Culture Under The Brazilian Military Dictatorship, 1964-1985

James Green

HIST 1977I

Gender, Race, and Medicine in the Americas

Daniel Rodriguez

IAPA 1402

Beyond Sun, Sea and Sand: Exploring the Contemporary Caribbean

Patsy Lewis

POBS 1800G

Jogo Bonito: Soccer and Brazil

Luiz Valente

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