Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs




Course Title Instructor
LACA 0500 Around Latin America in 80 Days: A Historical and Cultural Journey E. Durante
LACA 1900 Preparation for Honors and Capstone Projects on Latin American and Caribbean Topics  E. Durante
LACA 1504G
Arts of the Environment in the Americas 
N. Campisi
LACA 1503R Researching Social Movements in Latin America M. Inclán

FALL 2020 LACA Cross-Listed Courses 

Course       Title Instructor
ANTH 1030 Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture: A World That Matters S. Houston
ECON 1570 The Economics of Latin Americans P. Dal Bo
ETHN 0090A  The Border/La Frontera   E. Hu-Dehart
HIAA 1631 Authority, Identity, and Visual Culture in Colonial Latin America J. Stair
HISP 0730 Encounters: Latin America in Its Literature and Culture I. Montero
POLS 0820U Drug War Politics P. Andreas
SOC 1281 Migration in the Americas D. Lindstrom