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CLACS Concentrators

The concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACA) leads to a strong, interdisciplinary understanding of culture, history, and contemporary issues in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latino/a diaspora.

Requirements are intentionally broad and flexible to accommodate the focused interests of students in understanding the diverse reality of this region. LACA features a wide selection of courses from departments across the university. For example, a student whose primary interest is the Caribbean might follow a course sequence that looks like this.

Concentration requirements include four themes: language, area studies, research, and internship/service work. The degree can also be obtained with honors.  

The department also allows students to pursue the Engaged Scholarship Certificate. The Engaged Scholarship Certificate (ESC) in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACA) is designed for LACA concentrators who are especially interested in making deeper connections between their academic work and local communities in Providence and beyond. Engaged Scholars combine hands-on experiences such as internships, public service, humanitarian, and development work with their academic learning in order to develop a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, social engagement.

For more information, please open the Undergraduate Program Padlet or contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Erica Durante, erica_durante@brown.edu.  

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