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CLACS Affiliated Faculty Publications

We are pleased to share CLACS Affiliated Faculty publications on this page. If you have material to submit, please email us at clacs@brown.edu.

CLACS Affiliated Faculty Publications

Patsy Lewis (2022).
Caribbean Regional: A Critical Development Approach, Routledge

Patsy Lewis, Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts, Jessica Byron (2022).

Miles, William.  “How the Slave Trade and the Shoah Gave Rise to a Musical Marvel. An Interview with Jacques Schwarz-Bart,”  RELIEF. Revue eléctronique de littérature française, vol. 15, no 2, 2021, pp. 106-116.

Almeida, Onésimo T.  “Da rega ao corte das raízes do Brasil – uma revisitação lusa do clássico de Sérgio Buarque de Holanda”, Urbano Sidoncha, org., Enlaces culturais Brasil-Portugal (Lisboa / Bahia: Documenta / EDUFBA – Editora da Universidade Federal da Bahia, 2021), pp. 239-256.

Augusto, Geri. For Marielle: Mulhere(s) da Maré—Danger, Seeds and Tides. For more information, check out this Watson Institute article about Professor Augusto's work.

Clayton, Michelle. “The Andes in Common.” Revista de estudios hispánicos LV: 3 (October 2021), pp. 561-81.

Galárraga O, Harris JE. Effect of an abrupt change in sexual and reproductive health policy on teen birth rates in Ecuador, 2008-2017. Econ Hum Biol. 2021 May; 4 1:100967. doi: 10.1016/j.ehb.2020.100967. Epub 2020 Dec 25. PMID: 33388633; PMCID: PMC8068587.

Kinzer, Stephen. Ortega in His Labyrinth, The New York Review. 9-23-2021.

Krueger, J. I. "Gonzalo Guerrero and the Psychology of Identity." Current Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. 2021 4(2). Available from: https://bit.ly/3bzR4wv.

Miles, William. Black Islands, White Ocean: Postcolonial Paradoxes in a Caribbean ‘Paradise’,” Transition. The Magazine of Africa and the Diaspora. Publisher : Hutchins Center for African and African-American Research at Harvard University, Issue: 133.

Nejamkis, Lucila (Cogut Visiting Professor, 2021-2022) "Vínculos y vida social. Cuando muchos deciden emigrar, ellos eligen volver al país," La Nación. 10-6-2021.

lmeida, Onésimo T. “From ‘Vera Cruz Island’ to ‘Brazil’ – a critical revisitation of an old belief”, in DOMINGUES, Francisco Contente e SILVA, Susana Serpa, coord. (2019), Navegação no Atlântico. XVIII Reunião Internacional de História da Náutica / Atlantic Navigation. XVIII International Reunion for the History of Nautical Science, Ponta Delgada, CHAM/Açores - Universidade dos Açores (2020), pp. 365-380. ISBN 978-989-33-0132-6

Velasco MC, Chrysanthopoulou SA, Galárraga O. Cash Transfers and Contraceptive Use: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis. Stud Fam Plann. 2020 Dec;51(4):309-321. doi: 10.1111/sifp.12142. Epub 2020 Dec 6. PMID: 33283276; PMCID: PMC8011311.