Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Tiago Gualberto and the Rhode Island Community Present: A Clothesline to the Past

Tuesday, March 21 –
Friday, April 21, 2017

RISCA Atrium Gallery, 1 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI

This exhibit "A Clothesline to the Past: Rhode Island Takes on Brazil" is an artistic experiment that involves both the work of artist Tiago Gualberto and outreach to the larger community in the state of Rhode Island.

Gualberto is an Afro-Brazilian contemporary artist and content researcher at the Afro-Brazil Museum who frequently explores the fraying of identitarian, temporal and authorial notions in his artistic research. In “A Clothesline to the Past”, the artist invites the entire community of Rhode Island to participate in a collaborative artistic experiment.

By his initiative, the artist proposes a showing of visual arts made up of multiple works that will result from his interventions upon images sent by those who make up this larger American community. Unlike traditional curation, this proposal will not be extended only to visual artists, but seeks to include any individual who shows interest in sending their images and agrees to participate in this project. In order to participate, all those interested should send maximum three digital, high-resolution images by February 19, 2017 to the following e-mail address: diversityartexhibit@gmail.com

Since the Atrium Gallery is in a public building, all images must follow the guidelines set forth by the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts –no nudity, violence or offensive or overtly political images are allowed. Work will be accepted and exhibited by the artist Tiago Gualberto after he makes the changes and touch-ups to the images for artistic purposes. By submitting work you are agreeing to allow its use in whole or in part. The result of this shared process will be printed and placed on large clotheslines exhibited in the Rhode Island Council of the Arts (RISCA) Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill in Providence, Rhode Island.

The artist offers up the following questions as a suggestion for the themes to be sent by the participants: What are the possible connections between Brazil and the United States? What is the Brazil that we see from the United States? Co-sponsored by the Brazil Initiative and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

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