Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Graduate Student Sawyer Seminar: “Thinking Decolonization Hemispherically: Race, Indigeneity, Coloniality in the Americas"

Saturday, December 8, 2018

9:00am – 5:30pm

Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute

Join us for a special graduate student seminar on decolonization and race in the Americas. We have a host of wonderful speakers from many different backgrounds and fields of study giving various presentations throughout the day. This event is free and open to the public (with the exception of breakfast and lunch). Please stop by for as long as you'd like. The full schedule can be found below:



Welcome Breakfast

Joukowsky Forum (Closed to public)

9:00am - 9:50am

Opening address by Juliet Hooker, Professor of Political Science at Brown University. 

Joukowsky Forum

10:00-11:15  Joukowsky Forum

Panel: Settler Colonialism

Daina Sanchez, Discussant

Lauren Deal, Chair

"Settler Colonialism and Hemispheric Thought: “Undocumented” Indigeneity and Sovereignty" - Josue R Lopez

'The Settler Grammar of Space and Race in GuateMaya" - Diana Waleska Eskander-Mauricio

"Lost Indians' or 'Settlers of Color'?: Mestizaje, Settler Colonialism, and Indigeneity" - Julio C Covarrubias Cabeza


Lunch (Closed to public)


Panel: Territory, Dispossession, Sovereignty (McKinney Conference Room)

Kai Bosworth, Discussant

Daina Sanchez, Chair

"Developing dreams and obliterating communities: Collective Land Titling processes for Afro Colombian Communities" - Monica P. Hernandez

“'Law is our weapon now!': Legal activism and the paradoxes of state-led decolonization in Bolivia" - Amy Kennemore

"Race, Food Sovereignty and the Agrarian Question: Bolivian farmworkers producing food for Argentines" - Daniela Marini

12:30pm-1:50pm – Joukowsky Forum

Panel: Appropriations and Representations

Patricia Ybarra, Discussant

Violet Cavicchi, Chair

"Whiteness, Appropriation, and Decolonial praxis in Buenos Aires, Argentina" - Lauren Deal

"Yerba mate: National Project to Emerging Superfood" - Ana Fochesatto

2:00pm-3:20pm – McKinney Conference Room

Panel: Resistance and Transformation

Dario Valles, Discussant

Daina Sanchez, Chair

"Decolonizing Mexican Higher Education: Towards A Raciolinguistic Analysis of Mexico’s Intercultural Universities Project" - Amanda Earl

"'Seize the Hospitals!’: The Subaltern Social Medicine of the Young Lords Party and the Lincoln Detox Program, 1969-1978" - Carlos Martinez

"Afrodescendant Women and Inter-ethnic Alliances in Mexico: Resistances against Necrogeographies and Defense of Life" - Meztli Yoalli Rodriguez

"Against Andean Modernity: Criollo Fragility and Decolonial Undercurrents" - George Ygarza

2:00pm-3:20pm – Joukowsky Forum

Panel: Performance and Authenticity

Leticia Alvarado, Discussant

Lauren Deal, Chair

"Instruments of Change: Decolonizing the Orchestra" - Rachel Horner  

"Displacing and performing decolonization - Central Andean indigenous immigrant’s performances and activism in São Paulo" - Cristina de Branco

"Strings, Sounded and Seen: Music Videoclips, Race, and the Resignification of the Bandurria in the Southern Peruvian Andes" - Violet Cavicchi

"Decolonizing the Ethnographic Ear" - Melody Chapin


Coffee Break (Closed to public)


 Keynote by Catherine Walsh, senior professor and director of the doctorate in Latin American Cultural Studies at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Ecuador campus. 

Joukowsky Forum

5:30pm Dinner Reception Watson Institute Lobby

Sawyer Seminar Series