Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Black Immigration in Brazil: What Are the Challenges Faced in a So-called “Open Country”?

Thursday, December 5, 2019

12:00pm – 1:30pm

Joukowsky Forum, 111 Thayer St

Lunch will be served

Brazilian society is proud to announce to the world that it is an “open country” in which everybody is welcome. But what happens when Black immigrants and asylum seekers cross its borders? How does Brazilian society receive them? In this talk, I will discuss how Brazil’s race relations impact the social integration process of Black immigrants and refugees.

Sara Branco is a Black Brazilian human rights lawyer advocating for the promotion of racial and gender equality. She works as a consultant at the Black Brazilian organization CEERT ( Center of Studies of Labor Relations and Inequalities). She is also a member of the Brazilian Black Coalition for Rights.

Sara Branco is now based in New York City where she is pursuing her Masters degree in the “”Study of the Americas”” at the City College of New York (CCNY) - Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

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