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Chèche Lavi (Looking for Life): Reflections on Haitian Migration

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

12:00pm – 1:30pm

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A panel discussion on recent developments in Haitian migration.

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Nicole Phillips is legal director of Haitian Bridge Alliance, a nonprofit community organization that advocates for fair and humane immigration policies and connects migrants with humanitarian, legal, and social services, with a particular focus on Black migrants, the Haitian community, women, LGBTQ+ individuals and survivors of torture and other human rights abuses. She is also an adjunct professor at UC Hastings College of the Law. Ms. Phillips has been certified as an expert witness on country conditions in Haiti in dozens of U.S. immigration cases and has appeared before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and several United Nations human rights bodies on a variety of issues. Based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, from 2010 to 2018, Ms. Phillips worked on high profile human rights litigation and advocacy campaigns as a staff attorney with the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (“IJDH”), and also taught at a Haitian law school. Ms. Phillips regularly provides legal and human rights analysis to U.S. and international media.

Laura Wagner is the team lead for Haitian Creole at Respond Crisis Translation. She is also a nonfiction writer, novelist, anthropologist, and archivist. Laura is currently writing a book about the history and legacy of Radio Haïti-Inter, Haiti’s most prominent independent radio station. She is grateful to have the opportunity to provide a concrete and useful service for Haitian asylum seekers and migrants and the organizations that work with them.

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Speakers continued:

Carmen Dorvily has worked in the Hospitality Administrative industry for over 12 years, gaining experience in Special Events Management, Customer Care, Executive/Virtual Assistant. She also works as a freelance Consecutive/Liaison Interpretation for the past 2+ years. As a 1st generation Haitian, she moved back to Haiti in 2015 determined to help create positive impact in her county. She is passionate about advancing with interpreting by utilizing her experience and network. In addition to creating positive impact for migrants and asylum seekers, she is also involved in implementing sustainable development projects aimed at creating positive social impact in a variety of communities throughout Haiti. Outside of work, Carmen enjoys reading a good book, spending time with family, and helping others in need.