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Estrategias socio-ambientales para fortalecer la resiliencia de mujeres trabajadoras migrantes en el área reconquista Buenos Aires

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

12:00pm – 1:00pm

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Please note that this talk will be given in Spanish. Simultaneous English interpreting will be provided.

Title: Socio-Environmental Strategies for Strengthening the Resilience of Women Migrant Workers in the Reconquista Area of Buenos Aires. 

This talk by Cogut Visiting Professor Lucila Nejamkis will be offered via Zoom.

Lucila Nejamkis, PhD in Social Sciences at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Her PhD thesis analysed inmigration policies in Argentina and Mercosur. She also holds a M.A. in Political Action and Citizen Participation (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos y Colegio de Abogados de Madrid, Madrid-Spain). BA in Sociology (U.B.A). Ex-PhD fellow of Conicet, and Ex-MA fellow of Community of Madrid. Current Researcher of the Technological and Scientific Research National Council (CONICET). Associate Researcher at IDAES (National University of San Martin, UNSAM) where she co-directs a migration studies center. She is also an Associate Professor at Arturo Jauretche National University. She has published numerous academic papers and chapters in books and has participated in several migration research projects dealing with a variety of subjects such as public policies, state, nationality, citizenship, and human rights in Argentina and MERCOSUR. Since 2019, co-director of the action-research “Socio-environmental strategies of women migrant workers in the Reconquista River Basin”, (Buenos Aires Argentina) financed by the International Development Research Council (IDRC), Canada.

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