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CLACS Announces Funding for Student/Faculty Reading Groups

October 5, 2016

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) is pleased to announce that it has awarded funding to two student/faculty reading groups as part of a new initiative.

The first, which was proposed by Music Department Graduate Student Luis Achondo, will focus on Argentina. Professor James Green submitted the second winning proposal, and it will focus on Brazil.

Each group is required to meet at least four times per academic year in order to read interdisciplinary scholarship, dialogue with invited visitors, and/or workshop participants’ writing. It is expected that groups are open to anyone interested, draw from at least two departments, and have at least 5 regular members including at least one faculty member and one graduate student.

The members of the Argentina Reading Group are:

  • Luis Achondo (Sponsor and Coordinator), Ethnomusicology Graduate Student
  • José Itzigsohn (Sponsor), Sociology Faculty
  • Lauren Deal, Anthropology Graduate Student
  • Rachel Meade, Political Science Graduate Student 
  • Nicolás Campisi, Hispanic Studies Graduate Student
  • Jimena Ponce de León, Political Science Visiting Fellow

The members of the Brazil Reading Group are: 

  • John Logan, Professor of Sociology
  • Joana Pedro, Visiting Scholar, Professor of History, Federal University of Santa Catarina
  • Luiz F. Valente, Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies 
  • Gregory Duff Morton, Economic Anthropology 
  • Thamyris Almeida, Latin American History 
  • Renato Amado, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies 
  • Daniel McDonald, Latin American History 
  • Andre Pagliarini, Latin American History 
  • Watufani Poe, Africana Studies 
  • Abner Sótenos, Visiting Scholar, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 
  • Amanda Sousa, Visiting Scholar, Law, Catholic University/Rio de Janeiro