Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

CLACS Undergraduate Award Supports Research on Alternative Youth Culture in Cuba

December 12, 2016

Lily Hartmann, a senior double concentrating in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Development Studies has received a CLACS Undergraduate Research Award to support her Development Studies honors thesis on the history of Cuban cultural policy, alternative music and film production in Havana, and the role of youth in the country’s contemporary social development. Using interviews and ethnography, Lily analyzes electronic music festivals, independent film production, and non-state alternative performance spaces in order to understand how Cuban youth’s emergent values based on materialism, individualism, and leisure manifest in alternative cultural production. Outside of the classroom, Lily is a CLACS Undergraduate Fellow, is involved in Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment, and serves on the Swearer Center’s Student Advisory Committee. After graduation, Lily plans to explore research and employment opportunities in Latin America.