Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

New LACA Spring 2017 Courses

November 1, 2016

Art and the Global City: Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City (LACA 1503F Section S01, CRN 26224)

Instructor: Florencia Malbrán (Visiting professor from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

This seminar studies recent literature and visual art through a strategic focus on the cities of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City. Artistic inquiry and evolving issues in contemporary art are discussed. The very limits of literary forms are also explored, inviting questions on the intersections of images and words, or art and literature. Although the history of key artworks and movements in 20th-century Latin America will provide a foundation for our seminar, special attention will be paid to the present. We will examine recent experimentation, looking into the ideas that animate art practices today. Tuesdays, 4-6:30 p.m

Music, Gender + Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean (LACA-1503G-S01 CRN: 26254)

Instructor: Daniel Party (Visiting professor from Santiago, Chile)

This course studies popular music as a space in which gender and sexuality are performed, focusing on the ways in which popular music has both reflected and challenged gender constructs and norms. The course is structured as a series of case studies illustrating a range of popular music styles from throughout the Americas (Cuban, Mexican, and Puerto Rican bolero, Argentine tango and cumbia, and United States R&B, disco, and pop duets), and the performance of a rainbow of gender and sexual identities (including heterosexual femininity and masculinity, gay and lesbian identities, and queer subjectivities). Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-10:20 a.m.