Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Exploring The John Carter Brown Library

March 2, 2018

On March 1st, the students in the course "Introduction to Latin America course" (LACA 0100), held by prof. Erica Durante, benefited from a guided visit of precious collections of the John Carter Brown Library. The visit, guided by Scott Elwood, and organized jointly with Neil Safier and Tara Kingsley, exposed the students to the unique manuscripts, maps, pamphlets, portraits, engravings, and imprints from the Age of Discovery, the Colonial Era, the Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Independence movements, illustrating various historical, geographical and cultural aspects of Latin America covered in the course. Professor Erica Durante, her students, and the LACA concentration are very grateful to the John Carter Brown Library for facilitating this exciting and enriching field experience.

To learn more about the collections of the John Carter Brown Library visit theĀ JCB Website >