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CLACS Reading Groups-Marginalized Motherhoods in the Americas/Feminisms of Color in Latin America

October 22, 2020

CLACS Reading Groups Banner

CLACS Reading Groups Banner

The Reading Groups are:

1. Marginalized Motherhoods in the Americas

Description:  Through the works of seven women writers in the Americas, this reading group centers on ideas of motherhood and mothering, and their potential for a critique of systems of patriarchal violence, racism, classism, and extra-activism. This Reading group is organized by Regina Pieck (Graduate Student, Hispanic Studies), Tess Renker (Graduate Student, Hispanic Studies), and Iris Montero (Professor, Hispanic Studies).  

Email contact: regina_pieck@brown.edu 

2. "Feminisms of Color in Latin America

This working group will provide a low-stakes workshop space for participants of any discipline to learn about and produce work (for an academic audience or otherwise) regarding issues of modern social justice that intersect with feminist histories of race, gender, class, disability, and sexuality in Latin America, both past and present. Organized by Stephanie Wong (Graduate Student, History) and Emily Owens (Professor, History).

Email contact: stephanie_wong1@brown.edu