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Inspiration from Delhi

January 10, 2013


On December 18-20, Lina Fruzzetti, Brown’s Royce Family Professor in Teaching Excellence and Anthropology, took part in the international conference, Sociology Matters: Challenges and Possibilities of Social Science Knowledge in Contemporary India.  Professor Fruzzetti was inspired by the conference, which was held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Centre for the Study of Social Systems at at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, India. Describing the room, Fruzzetti shares it was packed full with 400 scholars who represent India’s intellectual future and in whom, she, “has a good strong faith.” 

JNU Sociology Conference

JNU Sociology Conference

During the conference Fruzzetti’s 2005 documentary, Singing Pictures: Women Painters of Naya, which she co-directed with Ákos Östör and Aditi Nath Sarkar, was screened as a part of a round table discussion on the sociology of the curricula, engaging with questions of visual anthropology, methodology, and pedagogy in a globalized context.  As a conference respondent to the symposium entitled “Sociology in India,” Fruzzetti reflected on sociology’s past and the more current challenges that it faces in the transformed context of 21st century India.  Read the conference concept paper below.

This Spring, Fruzzetti, who has taught at Brown since 1975, is on leave editing a new film in Bengal.  She also has a new book to be published in the Spring!