Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Center for Contemporary South Asia

2024 Summer Fellowship Recipients


Ari Rangarajan "Voluntary Audits and Working Conditions in India: An Impact Assessment of the Social Compact Program", Mumbai, India

Nicholas Sanzi "The Deep Technology Development Ecosystem in Tamil Nadu", Chennai, Tamil, Nadu

Renee Andam "Democratic Access and the Informal Sector", Delhi, India


Margaret Masselli "The Crystallization of Patna Painting: Mica, Mining, and Art at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century", London, United Kingdom

Sneha Chowdhury "South Asian Late-modernist Poetry and Romanticism: Responses and Revisions", Heidelberg, Hamburg, Germany; New Delhi, Kolkata, India

Meena Venkataramanan "Rethinking Windrush: Indo-Caribbean Diaspora Literature and Political Blackness", London, United Kingdom

Pamudu Tennakoon "Decolonization and Ruination: Returning to the Field", Colombo, Sri Lanka

Aditi Priya "HealthCare in India: Field and Archival Research", Bihar and Delhi, India

Lila Chamlagai "Prevalence of Mental Health Illness Among the Bhutanese Refugee Camp and Its Affected Area of Nepal", Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Nepal, Jhapa District of Nepal and Illam