Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Center for Contemporary South Asia

2024 Prize Recipients

Undergraduate Paper Prize

Anisa Sondhi & Kieran Malik “Deviant: The Role of Women’s Sexuality in Notions of Colonial Indian Society” (HIST 1620: Resisting Empire)

Deven Kamlani “Thinking with Sindh: Beyond Borders and Between Memories” (HIST 1620: Resisting Empire)

Aparajitha Anantharaman “Legal Archives of the Colonial Home: Inscribing and Describing the ‘Traditional’ Woman in Nineteenth-Century India” (HIST 1972A: American Legal History)

Kaiya Pandit & Shaurya Singh “The Great Bengal Famine: An Analysis of Economic Causes” (HIST 1620: Resisting Empire)

Thesis Prize in South Asian Studies

Social Science:
Phoebe Dragseth “Weaving Histories: Unraveling the Diverging Textile Political Economies of India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam through Colonization and Globalization” (Department of Political Science, adviser: Ashu Varshney)

Grace Xiao “(Dis)location, Diaspora, and the Camera Image: Zarina Bhimji in the 1980s” (Department of History of Art and Architecture, adviser: Holly Shaffer)

Hamsa Shanmugam “Thēvāram: A Musicological Analysis of Tamil Saiva Devotional Music from a Karnātak Perspective” (Department of Music, adviser: Marc Perlman)