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Student Organizations

South Asian Students Association

The Brown University South Asian Student's Association (SASA) aims to build a community that is shaped by the varied social, cultural, and political concerns of South Asians on campus and celebrate the diversity of South Asian culture while exploring the facets of a pluralistic identity. Over the course of three decades on campus, SASA has organized hundreds of lectures, community service opportunities, workshops, dances, shows and more!

Brown Muslim Student's Association

The Brown Muslim Students' Association (BMSA) seeks to build an open community for Muslim students at Brown where they may worship, practice, question and learn about their faith through open dialogue and discussions with fellow students and faculty members. BMSA offers weekly Friday Jummah prayers, iftar dinners and taraweeh prayers during Ramadan, Eid BBQs and much more. The Muslim Students' Center (BMSC) is located in the basement of Chaplain Hall on the corner of Thayer and Cushing St.

Pakistan Student's Association at Brown

The Pakistan Students Association at Brown (PSAB) is a professional student organization fostering intellectual discourse about Pakistan at Brown through lectures, programs, and partnerships on campus. Their goals include bringing a Pakistani perspective to the University through forums, lectures, cultural events, building contacts with Brown's Pakistani alumni, solidifying relationships with Pakistani student groups at other colleges and universities, and raising awareness about the benefits of a Brown education in Pakistan.

Hindu Students Association

Satya: Brown's Hindu Students Association (HSA) is a faith-based organization, forming a community for students who follow or are interested in the Hindu Dharma, scriptures and way of life. Activities include weekly meetings centered on topics of interest to members; examples of past discourse: women in Hindu tradition, karma, nonviolence, marriage and family. They work in conjunction with other organizations such as the Brown Muslim Student Association, the Chaplains Office, and SASA. HSA functions and weekly meetings are open to all.

Brown Badmaash Dance Company

Brown Badmaash is a South Asian fusion dance team based at Brown University. Bhangra, hip hop, garba/raas, lyrical, South Asian classical, salsa, Bollywood — you name the dance style, and someone at Badmaash is working on tying it into their next piece.

Other Organizations

Brown Center for Students of Color

The Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) serves as a gathering place for communities of color. Students are encouraged to build meaningful relationships across difference, develop racial and ethnic consciousness, and enact change at Brown and beyond. The BCSC advances the University’s mission of educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation by empowering students of color, cultivating leadership, facilitating critical reflection, fostering informed action, and promoting social justice.

Hari Vidya Bhavan

Hari Vidya Bhavan is a language and culture school located on the Brown University Campus in Providence, RI. The HARI School is run by a team of dedicated volunteers from the Indian/Indian American community. The school's mission statement is to provide Hindi language instruction and to foster a secular understanding of India's diverse cultural heritage in the New England Indian/Indian American community.

Cheetah House

Cheetah House is a non-profit, semi-residential social service organization that aims to support the cultivation of greater awareness and deeper intentionality in engagement with the world. Cheetah House was founded by Dr. Willoughby Britton to serve a central hub to integrate contemplative practice, research, community and social engagement.

Asian American Alumni Alliance

The Asian American Alumni Alliance is a chartered organization of the Brown Alumni Association. It exists to encourage and facilitate positive experiences and engagement with the University, to act as a conduit and facilitator to adequately address the needs of the Brown Asian and Asian American community, and to build partnerships with members of the greater Brown community.