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Patrick Heller and Rajesh Veeraraghavan's research provides COVID19 relief in Delhi

April 6, 2020

Patrick Heller and Rajesh Veeraraghavan's research project, Urban Spatial Observatory, supported by CCSA in collaboration with the Center for Policy Research in Delhi and Georgetown University, has played a key role in the Delhi Corona relief effort. Using Google Maps and aground team, they have been assembling a spatial data set on informal settlements and public goods and resources in Delhi.

Last week, amid the refugee crisis triggered by India's decision to lock down, the Delhi government was able to utilize Heller and Veeraraghavan's map for the relief effort by showing available shelters and ration centers; helping relief volunteers, social workers and government officials get access to reliable information on their mobile phones. Citizens and NGOs are also able to access information on relief centers set up by the Delhi government. As of 4th April 2020 the site had more than 300,000 views. Read more about the project and how it's being utilized for Delhi Corona relief.