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Ashutosh Varshney and Arvind Subramaniam speak at the Council on Foreign Relations | The Future of India

The Council of Foreign Relations organized their annual Hauser Symposium with the theme 'The Future of India'. Professor Ashutosh Varshney and Arvind Subramanium represented Saxena Center at this panel held in New York on March 2nd. Of the three panels, Arvind Subramanium spoke on the trajectory of India's economic growth and Ashutosh Varshney spoke on the health of the Indian democracy. Video transcripts for both the forums are listed below,

March 15, 2023

Session 1: Arvind Subramanium on India’s Economic Rise: Continued Ascent or Turbulence Ahead?  Session 2: Ashutosh Varshney on India’s Democracy: Resilient or Endangered?