Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Center for Contemporary South Asia

Ieva Zumbyte

PhD Candidate in Sociology
Summer Fellow 2018, 2019
2018 Project Title: Pre-dissertation fieldwork "Childcare regimes in urban India"
2019 Project Title: Varieties of Public Childcare in Urban India

Recent studies have paid significant attention to the extraordinarily low rates of women’s labor force participation in India. Yet, almost none of these studies analyze how women’s roles as primary child caregivers and homemakers shape women’s access to economic opportunities. This will lay the groundwork for Ieva's research. She will examine how women’s labor market decisions and childcare arrangements are simultaneously determined in urban India. Relatedly, Ieva will explore the supply of institutional childcare and how social norms of motherhood are reflected in the kind of childcare facilities and arrangements available to working women.