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Meet the CLACS Fellows!

November 4, 2015

The CLACS Undergraduate Fellowship Program allows undergraduate students with an interest in Latin America and the Caribbean, and academic excellence, to explore in-depth what it means to work in/on the region. This fellowship program is open to students from all concentrations.

This year's group of CLACS Fellows are particularly inspiring and diverse! They have spent significant time in twelve countries of the region, represent sixteen concentrations, and come from all class years at Brown. 

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 CLACS Undergraduate Fellows!

Aida Palma, Alejandro Vertiz, Amalia Perez, Anjali Carroll, Camila Bustos, Daniel Wilhite, Emma Gleeman, Frances Aquino, Francis Torres, Hannah Rice, Jamie Packs, Jorge Martinez, Josselyn de Leon, Julia Levy, Katherine Chavez, Miriam Hinthorn, Nick Anderson, Roy Chen, Teresa Cebrian, Vi Mai, Victoria Kidd, and Weiwei Liu.

Learn more about the CLACS Fellows and their interests in Latin America and the Caribbean here!

CLACS Undergraduate Fellowship Program Application: 2016-2017