Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

CLACS Advisory Committee 2020/2022

Sample Pedro Dal Bo     Associate Professor of Economics, received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2002. He works in the areas of game theory, experimental economics, and political economy.
Headshot of Colin Channer Colin Channer  Author of Providential, a collection of poems, and three books of fiction: The Girl With the Golden Shoes, Passing Through and Waiting in Vain. He has recently taught at Pacific University, Brandeis University, and at Wellesley College, and has led or been part of the planning committees for reading series and festivals in the United States and Senegal; in addition, he is past president of the Jamaican chapter of International PEN. 

headshot of Hu-Dehart Evelyn Hu-Dehart    Professor of History, and Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America at Brown. She joined Brown from the University of Colorado at Boulder where she was Chair of the Department of Ethnic Studies and Director of the Center for Studies of Ethnicity and Race in America. Bernstein '65 P '02 Assistant Professor of Political Science. Specializations: Machine politics in Latin America. 
Sample Juliet Hooker   Professor of Political Science. She is a political theorist specializing in racial justice, multiculturalism, Latin American political thought, Black political thought, and Afro-descendant and indigenous politics in Latin America.
CLACS Advisory Committee 2020-2022 Neil Safier  JCB Library, Beatrice and Julio Mario Santo Domingo Director & Librarian. Associate Professor in the Department of History at Brown University. Expertise: 18th-century European colonialism, Brazil, South America

Photo of Andrés Fernández Laura López-Sanders   Assistant Professor of Sociology research examines the role of institutions and societal policies and practices in the patterning of inequality. Immigration, Race and Ethnic Relations, Inequality, Social Policy