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2018 Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients

March 12, 2018

2018 Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) at Brown University is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 Tinker Foundation Field Research Grants.

Tinker Field Research Grants have been awarded to 10 graduate students across seven departments. The funding will help support their pre-dissertation travel during 2018-19 to Latin America and the Caribbean, providing them an irreplaceable opportunity to acquire critical knowledge of language and culture, familiarize themselves with information sources relevant to their areas of interest, conduct preliminary research, and develop local academic and professional contacts. Through this generous support, CLACS contributes to enhancing both the feasibility of students’ projects and the competitiveness of their subsequent proposals for external funding in support of their dissertation research.

2018 Recipients of the Tinker Foundation Field Research Grants

Jonathan Acosta (Sociology)
Location: Bolivia
Study of Bolivia's history and the socio-political context in which Evo Morales' election occurred

Pedro Almeida (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)
Location: Brazil
Peter Fleming's Brazilian Adventure (1933)

Rene Cordero (History)
Location: Dominican Republic
Study of the Dominican Republic's circumstance in the Cold War and its student resistance movements at the time

Mateo Diaz Choza (Hispanic Studies)
Location: Chile/Argentina
Diamela Eltit's poetry during and after Pinochet's dictatorship

Harper Dine (Anthropology)
Location: Mexico
The Classic Maya's diet in Chiapas, Mexico 

Karolina Dos Santos (Sociology)
Location: Chile/Argentina
Transnationalism and culture among Haitian migrants in the 21st century 

Denis Hogan (Comparative Literature)
Location: Panama/Colombia
Literary legacies of Panama and the Panama Canal in the late 19th century 

Alexander LaFerriere (MPA)
Location: Peru
The deaf community in the upper Peruvian Amazon rainforest

Diego Ramos Toro (Economics)
Location: Colombia
Historical experience of Leper Colonies in Colombia

Bethany Whitlock (Anthropology)
Location: Peru 
Settlements in the central urban Utcubamba Valley in Chachapoyas, Peru 


The grant funds from the Tinker Foundation are matched by the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs and the Graduate School.  

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