Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

CLACS Interdisciplinary Faculty-Student Reading/Writing Groups

CFP: CLACS Interdisciplinary Faculty-Student Reading/Writing Groups

CLACS invites applications from groups of affiliated graduate students and faculty to form interdisciplinary reading and/or writing groups in the academic year 2024-2025. The purpose is to enhance learning about a specific topic, country or region from a number of disciplinary perspectives.

Groups should have an ongoing core membership and meet at least four times per academic year to read and discuss scholarship from different disciplines and/or to read and workshop participants’ scholarship. The groups should be open to any one interested, and there is no limit to the number of times a group may apply. 

  • Covered expenses are limited to costs of materials (e.g. books) and food for meetings, up to $1000 per group.
  • In addition, reading/writing groups are encouraged to propose a visiting speaker who can offer a public lecture in CLACS and meet privately with the group. Separate funds are available for this purpose and are accessible through request to the Director.
  • The graduate student coordinator is entitled to up to $500 from CLACS toward conference or research travel expenses during the 2024-2025 academic year, in recognition of efforts in support of the group (e.g. arrange and publicize meetings, arrange for readings to be available, submit the brief year-end report, organize speakers’ visits). 
  • Other items may be covered by request.

CLACS can also provide some administrative support (e.g. assistance with room scheduling and visitor reimbursement).

Proposals must be submitted via email to maria_isabel_marin@brown.edu and clacs@brown.edu, subject line '2024-2025 Interdisciplinary Reading Group Proposal'  by Friday, September 13, 2024, and must include the following:

  • Group title 
  • Names and affiliation of sponsors (minimum one faculty and one graduate student)
  • Names of other confirmed and/or interested participants (minimum five total including the two co-sponsors)
  • One paragraph description of the purpose of the group
  • Preliminary proposal of what meetings will focus on
  • Brief budget