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Our Concentrators

Louis Epstein '19 is a junior concentrating in Development Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. His mother's decision to migrate to the US from Bogotá, Colombia, led to his interest in Latin America. At Brown, he has focused on food security, human rights, and the broader US-Latin American relationship. He has worked for Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad and the City of Central Falls on issues of food insecurity. During summer 2017, he interned at Innovations for Poverty Action's Manila office, analyzing the effectiveness of government development programs. He has taught ESOL classes to the local community through the Olneyville ESOL program as well as helped run the Food Recovery Network on campus. 

Jazmin I. Piche '19 is a junior concentrating in Latin American and Caribbean Studies + Science and Society. Growing up her parents would scold her if they caught Jazmin and her younger brother speaking only English, an action she is now grateful for. She also grew up listening to nothing but old romantic Spanish songs on the radio and the belief that Vicks Vaporub could cure anything. Her interests include women’s sexual rights, indigenous people’s rights, and learning more about Central America and her family's roots. She hopes to study abroad in Latin America before she graduates. Outside of academics Jazmin is a member of Brown's Varsity Fencing Team, works with Christina Paxson as a Presidential Host, is Co-Coordinator of the Sidney Frank Scholars Association, and now part of the newly formed Central American United Students Association (CAUSA), a club that aims to bring more awareness about Central American issues and culture.

Ella Satish '20

Laura Muñoz '20 is a junior concentrating in History and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Laura grew up in a community where Cuba and its politics were always present. Since arriving at Brown, her curiosity about Cuba's history and politics only grew, and she decided to focus her studies on the island to better understand its present state. Laura has focused on Cuba’s music, youth, and migrations, as well as on the racialized and gendered experiences of Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straits. She has also taken classes on the history and politics of other Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as on the U.S. Latinx experience. Outside of the classroom, Laura is involved as a Latinx Student Initiative Co-Coordinator, a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor, and a History Department Research Assistant.

Courtney Hoggard '19

Daniel Jason '19.5 is currently a junior concentrating in History and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, as well as on the pre-med track. A passionate Conosureño, fueled by time with his grandparents and listening to Chilean Rock & Roll, his studies focus on Chilean health and politics during the Cold War. Throughout his time at Brown, he has expanded his medical and Latin American perspective, while applying his knowledge to Chile. His experiences and pursuits intersect when he interns at the Hospital San Juan de Dios in Santiago, Chile, as he has for the past three summers. However, his interests are widely variable, as he works in various fields, including as an Instructional Design Assistant at the School of Professional Studies, in which he reviews and helps design online courses. During his spare time, you can find him playing the Cajon at various outings, participating in food drives for Food Not Bombs Providence, which aims to provide food for the homeless, and (of course) listening to more Chilean Rock & Roll.

Nicole Kim '19

Zachary Kligler '20

Hugo Lucitante '19

Ingrid Mader '20

Grace Mason-Brown '20

Jack Morris '19 is a senior concentrating in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and International Relations. His academic focuses are public security, policing, and minority inclusion in the urban sphere (specifically within Brazil and the Southern Cone). Jack attributes his upbringing in a predominantly hispanic community in Northern Virginia as the inspiration for his pursuits in Latin American & Caribbean Studies, which was later solidified by his semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina during his sophomore year. It was also during his semester abroad in Buenos Aires that Jack traveled to Brazil for the first time. He has since centered his studies at Brown on Portuguese language and Brazilian politics. This includes his honors thesis, for which he will return to Brazil in the summer of 2018 to conduct ethnographic research regarding community responses to the militarization of the police in Rio de Janeiro's favelas. Outside of academia, Jack was a resident of Casa Machado, Brown's Spanish language and culture program housing, as well as the e-board member for social events.

Sebastián Otero '19 is a senior concentrating in Music (Ethnomusicology) and Latin American & Caribbean Studies. A born and raised Puerto Rican musician and singer-songwriter, Sebastián found Ethnomusicology to be the academic discipline that could encompass his interest for writing, discovering new ways of music making, looking at the never-ending relationship between humans and music, and for his own personal music projects. While studying abroad in Cuba during the fall semester of junior year, he decided to double concentrate in Latin American & Caribbean Studies in order to develop a more profound knowledge on the literature and political history of the Caribbean region where he is most interested in. He took this past academic year off to go back to Puerto Rico and work intensively in his musical projects, one of them is his band called La Ponina. Sebastián has been very active in the Brown music scene for the past three years, and plans to go back home again after graduating to keep working in his music...trying to make it happen. 

Elisabeth Schifrin '20

Querube Suarez-Werlein '19.5