Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Affiliated Faculty

Africana Studies


Geri Augusto is a visiting associate professor of International & Public Affairs and Africana Studies, a faculty associate at Brown’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice (CSSJ), and also teaches in the Science and Society Program.  A Watson Faculty Fellow, Augusto is currently part of Watson's Brazil Initiative, and also serves on the working group for Brown’s new Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) program. Specializations: Indigenous knowledge systems in southern Africa and the Caribbean, knowledge of the enslaved in the Caribbean and Brazil, higher education, technology, and innovation policies in the Global South; radical black transnationalism.

Recent Publications:

    • “Language Should Not Keep Us Apart!: Reflections Towards a Black Transnational Praxis of Translation.” Callaloo, 2014. (Full Text)

Anthony Bogues, Lyn Crost Professor of Social Sciences and Critical Theory. Director of the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice. Specializations: Caribbean Studies.

Recent Publications:

Sample Anani Dzidzienyo, Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Specializations: Afro-Brazilians and the Brazilian polity, racial dimensions of Brazil’s relations with Africa.

Patsy Lewis, CLACS Interim Director and Visiting Professor of Africana Studies. Watson Faculty Fellow. Specializations: Regional integration, small states development, Caribbean. Recent Publications:

    • "Global change and food security: The special case of small island developing states." Regional Environmental Change, 2015.
    •  Grenada: Revolution and Invasion, (University of the West Indies Press: Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, 2015). 

Brian Meeks, Professor of Africana Studies. Chair of Africana Studies. Specializations: Social and political movements in the Caribbean.

Recent Publications:


Keisha-Khan Perry, Associate Professor of Africana Studies. Specializations: Black women’s activism in Brazil, African diaspora studies, race relations in Latin America. 

Recent Publications:


Besenia Rodriguez, Associate Dean of the College for Research and Upperclass Studies. Specializations: Black Latin American cultural and political history. 
Recent Publications:

    • “'De la Esclavitud Yanqui a la Libertad Cubana': U.S. Black Radicals, the Cuban Revolution, and the Formation of a Tricontinental Ideology," Radical History Review, 2005. (Full Text)
    • " 'Long Live Third World Unity! Long Live Internationalism': Huey P. Newton's Revolutionary Intercommunalism." Souls, 2006. (Full Text

American Studies


Leticia Alvarado, Assistant Professor of American Studies. Specializations: Political contours of Latino abject aesthetic strategies.

Recent Publications: 

Monica M. Martinez, Stanley J. Bernstein '65 P'02 Assistant Professor of American Studies. Specializations: Latinx studies, immigration, histories of violence, histories of policing, and public memory in US History

Recent Publications:

    • The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in the Texas Borderlands (Harvard University Press, 2018.) Forthcoming.
    • "Recuperating Histories of Violence in the Americas: Vernacular History-Making on the US–Mexico Border," American Quarterly, 2014. (Full Text)

Kevin Escudero, Postdoctoral Fellow in American Studies. Specializations: Comparative ethnic studies, critical refugee studies, immigration and citizenship, law and society, social movements. 

Recent Publications:

    • Organizing While Undocumented (NYU Press, forthcoming)
    •  "Dual Minority Mixed Race Activists and the Cultivation of Cross-Racial/Ethnic Coalitions in the Post-Loving Era," Creighton Law Review, 2017.
    • “Multiracial Male Masculinity: A Critical Mixed Race Studies Analysis of Brian Ascalon Roley’s American Son,” Asian American Literature: Discourse and Pedagogies, 2012.

Ralph Rodríguez, Associate Professor of American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and English. Director of Graduate Studies. Specializations: Latinx lit. and culture, graphic novels and comic books, queer theory, race and ethnicity.

Recent Publications:

Felicia Salinas-Moniz, Assistant Director of the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center and Visiting Assistant Professor in American Studies. Specializations: Latina/Chicana literature and popular culture, feminist studies, girlhood studies.


Lynnette Arnold, Cogut Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Linguistic Anthropology. Specializations: Language and migration, transnational families, and engaged scholarship.

Recent Publications:

  • “From South to North and Back Again: Making and Blurring Boundaries in Conversations across Borders, with Hilary Parsons Dick.” Language and Communication, 2018.

  • “Multi-sited Ethnography and Language in the Study of Migration.” Routledge Handbook of Migration and Language, 2017.

  • “The Reconceptualization of Agency through Ambiguity and Contradiction: Salvadoran Women Narrating Unauthorized Migration.” Women’s Studies International Forum, 2015.


Paja Faudree, Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Specializations: Indigenous social movements, language, and politics, ethnicity and nationalism, Mexico, Ecuador. 

Recent Publications:

    • "Made in Translation: Revisiting the Chontal Maya Account of the Conquest," Ethnohistory, 2015. (Full Text)
    • "Singing for the dead, on and offline: Diversity, migration, and scale in Mexican Muertos music," Language & Communication, 2015. (Full Text)
    • "Tales from the Land of Magic Plants: Textual Ideologies and Fetishes of Indigeneity in Mexico's Sierra Mazateca," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 2015. (Full Text)

Matthew Gutmann, Professor of Anthropology. Director of BIARI. Specializations: Gender/sexuality, health, politics, ethnicity, militarism, Mexico, Latina/os in the US. 

Recent Publications:


Stephen Houston, Dupee Family Professor of Social Science. Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology. Director of Early Cultures. Specializations: Mesoamerican culture, history, cultural anthropology, Mesoamerican and Mayan art. 

Recent Publications: 

    • "The Good Prince: Transition, Texting and Moral Narrative in the Murals of Bonampak, Chiapas, Mexico," Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 2012. (Full Text)
    •  "A Splendid Predicament: Young Men in Classic Maya Society," Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 2009. (Full Text)

Jessaca Leinaweaver, Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Professor of Anthropology. Specializations: Transnational migration, adoption, child agency in Peru.

Recent Publications: 


Andrew Scherer, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology. Specializations: Archeology of Mesoamerica.

Recent Publications: 

Parker VanValkenburgh, Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Specializations: Landscapes, politics and environmental change in the Early Modern World, particularly in late pre-Hispanic and early colonial Peru.

Archeology and the Ancient World

Sample John Cherry, Professor of Archeology and the Ancient World and Classics. Specializations:  Changes in material culture on Crete in the 3rd and 2nd millennium, diachronic field survey project on Montserrat in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles.


Andrew Laird, John Rowe Workman Distinguished Professor of Classics and Humanities, Director of the Program in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, Professor of Classics, Professor of Hispanic Studies

Recent Publications: 

    • Antiquities and Classical Traditions in Latin America, Bulletin of Latin American Research Monograph (Malden MA, Chichester and Oxford: Wiley 2018)
    • Colonial grammatology: the versatility and transformation of European letters in sixteenth-century Spanish America. Language & History 61: 52-9 (2018) 
    • Responding to the Requerimiento: Imagined First Encounters between Natives and Spaniards in Sixteenth-Century Mexico. Republics of Letters 5.3 2018; 5(3)
    • A Mirror for Mexican Princes: Reconsidering the Context and Latin Source for the Nahuatl translation of Aesop's Fables. Brief Forms in Medieval and Renaissance Hispanic Literature. (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars) 2017: 132-67.
    • Nahua humanism and ethnohistory: Antonio Valeriano and a letter from the rulers of Azcapotzalco to Philip II, 1561. Estudios de Cultura Náhuatl 52: 23-47 (2016)

Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences


Scott AnderBois, Assistant Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences. Specializations: Semantics, pragmatics, Mayan languages. 

Recent Publications: 

  • “Illocutionary revelations: Yucatec Maya bakáan and the typology of miratives.” Journal of Semantics, 2018.

  • “U chíikulil k'áatchi': forma, función, y la estandarización de la puntuación.” Cuadernos de lingüística de El Colegio de México, 2018.

  • “Focus, Interrogation, and Indefinites.” The Mayan Languages, 2017.

Joachim I. Krueger is professor of psychology in the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences. He specializes in self and social perception as well as strategic interaction. He is a fan of Alexander von Humboldt, a recipient of an Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Prize (2008), and an avid participant at the International Alexander von Humboldt Congress, which meets every three years. One contribution was on the German conquistador Philipp von Hutten in Venezuela (first reference below) and a more recent one was on the Yucatec legend (and history) of Gonzalo Guerrero (second reference).

  • Krueger, J. I. (2013). Psychology of a conquistador. Jahrbuch für Europäische Überseegeschichte [Annals of European Overseas History], 13, 37-41. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, Germany

Cogut Center for the Humanities

Sample Iris Montero, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cogut Center for the Humanities. Specializations: History of science and medicine in the Iberian Atlantic, Mesoamerican visual thinking, colonial Latin American literature.

Comparative Literature

Hannah Alpert-Abrams is a postdoctoral fellow in the history of the book in the Americas at the John Carter Brown Library. Specializations: digital humanities, critical archival studies, book history.
Sample Esther Whitfield, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature. Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Contemporary Latin American literature, Cuban culture and literature, Caribbean and transatlantic studies.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Sample Mark Bertness, Robert P. Brown Professor of Biology. Specializations: Conservation Biology in South America.
Sample Fred Jackson, Director and Teaching Associate of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Specializations: Medicinal plants in indigenous South America, ethnobotany. 
Sample Stephen Porder, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environment and Society. Co-Director of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Program. Specializations: Ecology, biogeochemistry, geology, rainforests, Brazil. 


Sample Pedro Dal Bó, Professor of Economics. Specializations: Experimental economic game theory, political economy.
Sample Andrew Foster, Professor of Economics. Director of Population Studies. Specializations: Demography, development, education, empirical microeconomics. 
Sample Justine Hastings, Associate Professor of Economics. Specializations: Consumer behavior and its implications for firm strategy and optimal public policy design.


Sample Daniel Bisaccio, Lecturer in Education. Director of Science Education. Specializations: Biological diversity education in Central and South America. 
Andrea Flores Andrea Flores, Assistant Professor of Education. Specializations: Latinx youth's educational experiences; immigration, citizenship, and social belonging; Latin American migration to the U.S. Southeast
David Rangel, Assistant Professor of Education. Specializations: Latina/os, social inequality, social stratification, immigration, sociology of education.

Geological Studies

Sample Alberto Saal, Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. Specializations: Continents, crustal rock, lunar magma, ocean islands, volcanic rock.  
Picture of Prof. Fischer Karen Fischer, Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences. Specialization: the continental lithosphere and its interactions with the deeper mantle, and mantle flow and melting processes in subduction zones.

Hispanic Studies


Laura Bass, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies. Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture. Chair of Hispanic Studies. Specializations:  Cultural production of early modern Spain and the broader Hispanic world, theater and visual culture, fashion and urbanism, authorship, poetics, and literary canon formation.

Recent Publications: 

    • “The Poet in Painting: Góngora’s Portraits and the Politics of the Paragone.” Velázquez Re-Examined: Theory, History, Poetry, and Theatre, 2017.
    • “‘Me juzgo por natural de Madrid’: Vincencio Carducho, Theorist and Painter of Spain’s Court Capital.” Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 2016.
    • “‘Cubriendo y velando en la primera hoja’: Antonio León Pinelo y los contextos culturales de Velos antiguos i modernos (1641).” Perspectives on Early Modern Women in Iberia and the Americas: Studies in Law, Society, Art and Literature in Honor of Anne J. Cruz, 2015.
Sample Michelle Clayton, Associate Professor Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature. Specializations: Modern and contemporary Latin American and European writing and film, avant-garde aesthetics and poetry, dance, art history, and media studies.
Eva Gómez García, Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. Specializations: collocations and contrastive linguistics, Spanish language acquisition and cognitive linguistics.
Sample Jill Kuhnheim, Visiting Professor of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Spanish American literature, health care, contemporary representations of gender in Latin America. 
Sample Felipe Martinez-Pinzon, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Latin American literature, Amazon, costumbrismo, romanticism 
Stephanie Merrim, Professor of Comparative Literature. Professor of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: 16th-century New World historiography, the Baroque, 17th-century women's writing in Spanish, English, and French, contemporary North and South American literature, Latin American existentialism. 
Sample Julio Ortega, Professor of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Contemporary Latin American novel and poetry, theory of Latin American literature, especially Mexico and the Andes. 
Sample Nidia Schuhmacher, Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Spanish Language.
Sample Victoria Smith, Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Spanish Language. 
Sample Silvia Sobral, Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Spanish Language. 
Sample Sarah Thomas, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Representation of outsider or marginalized subjects, particularly in the context of civil conflict or dictatorship and its aftermath, in Spanish literature and film.
Sample Mercedes Vaquero, Professor of Hispanic Studies. Director of Medieval Studies. Specializations: Medieval Spanish epic, chronicles, ballads, and oral tradition, Spanish philology.
Luis Miguel Estrada-Orozco, Cogut Post-Doctoral Fellow (2017-19). Specializations: Sports in Latin American literature.


Sample Roquinaldo Ferreira, Vasco da Gama Associate Professor of Early Modern Portuguese History. Specializations: African, Colonial Brazil, Atlantic history. 
Linford Fisher, Associate Professor of History. Specializations: Cultural and religious history of colonial America and the Atlantic world, including Native Americans, religion, material culture, and Indian and African slavery and servitude.
Sample James Green, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Professor of Modern Latin American History and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Director of the Brazil Initiative. Specializations: Modern Brazil, modern Latin America, gender and sexuality in Latin America. 
Sample Evelyn Hu-Dehart, Professor of History. Professor of American Studies. Specializations: Modern Mexico, Asian migration to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Sample Jennifer Lambe, Assistant Professor of Latin American and Caribbean History. Specializations: Mental illness and healing in Cuba, Cuban film.
Sample Jeremy Mumford, Assistant professor of History. Specializations: Indigenous movements, the Andean region.
Sample Amy Remensnyder, Professor of History. Specializations: Cultural and religious history of medieval Europe.
Sample Daniel Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of History. Specializations: history of public health, medicine, and disease in Latin America and the Caribbean.

History of Art and Architecture 

                    Itohan Osaiymwese, Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture.                                                          

International Advancement Office

Sample Joshua Taub, Assistant Vice President for International Advancement.

John Carter Brown Library

Sample Neil Safier, Associate Professor of History. Director of John Carter Brown Library.

John Hay Library

Sample Patricia Figueroa, Curator of Iberian and Latin American Collections. 
Sample Holly Snyder, Curator of American Historical Collections. Specializations: Anglophone Caribbean, scholarly resources.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Erica Durante, Visiting Associate Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (2017-20). Specializations: Spanish, Latin American, Italian, and French literature, from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era, as well as on recent francophone and Hispanophone literature of Africa and the Caribbean.

Literary Arts

Colin Channer, Assistant Professor of Literary Arts. Specializations: Cinema, fiction, interdisciplinary arts, poetry.

Marine Biology Lab

Sample Christopher Neil, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (MBL). Phyllis and Charles M. Rosenthal Director of the Brown-Marine Biological Laboratory Partnership. Specializations: Water and elements cycles in the tropical forests of the Amazon.


Sample Matthew McGarrell, Director of Bands and Senior Lecturer in Music. Specializations: Trombone, directing, Jazz band, collaborations with Cuban Jazz musicians. 
Joshua Tucker Joshua Tucker, Assistant Professor of Music. Postdoctoral Research Associate. Specializations: Popular music and social change in Latin America.

Political Science


Peter Andreas, John Hay Professor of International Studies and Political Science. Specializations: Politics of borders and border controls; politics of transnational crime and crime control; relationship between transnational crime and conflict. 

Recent Publications:

    • Rebel Mother: My Childhood Chasing the Revolution (Simon & Schuster, 2017)
    • Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America (Oxford University Press, 2013)
    • Border Games: Policing the U.S.- Mexico Divide (Cornell University Press, 2nd edition 2009)

Robert Blair, Joukowsky Family Assistant Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs. Specializations: International intervention and the consolidation of state authority after the civil war, rule of law and security institutions, Colombia. Recent Publications:

    • “On the Rights of Warlords: Legitimate Authority and Basic Protection in War-Torn Societies”. American Political Science Review, 2016. (Full Text)
    • “How to Promote Order and Property Rights under Weak Rule of Law? An Experiment in Changing Dispute Resolution Behavior through Community Education.” American Political Science Review, 2014. (Full Text)

Jeff Colgan, Richard Holbrooke Assistant Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs. Specializations: Geopolitics of energy, Venezuela.

Recent Publications:

    • "Oil, domestic conflict, and opportunities for democratization." Journal of Peace Research, 2015. (Full Text)
    • "Venezuela and military expenditure data.Journal of Peace Research, 2011. (Full Text)

Juliet Hooker, Professor of Political Science. Specializations: comparative political theory and critical race theory, include black political thought, Latin American political thought, political solidarity, and multiculturalism, Afro-descendant and indigenous politics and multicultural rights in Latin America.

Recent Publications:


Richard Locke, Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs. Brown University Provost. Specializations: International labor rights, comparative political economy, employment relations, and corporate responsibility.

Recent Publications:


Richard Snyder, Professor of Political Science. Specializations: Comparative politics and political economy, government and politics of Latin America, especially Mexico.

Recent Publications:


Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, Stanley J. Bernstein '65 P '02 Assistant Professor of Political Science. Specializations: Machine politics in Latin America.

Recent Publications:

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies


Onésimo Almeida, Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies.  Specializations: Portuguese and Brazilian intellectual history. 

Recent Publications: 

  • “Lusofonia: Some Thoughts on Language and Postcolonialism,” Language Communities or Cultural Empires? The Impact of European Languages in Former Colonial Territories, forthcoming.

Sample Maria Pacheco, Executive Director of the Education Alliance. Specializations: English as a second language (ESL), culturally responsive pedagogy, second language acquisition, and cognitive development. 
Sample Leonor Simas-Almeida, Senior Lecturer in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Specializations: Portuguese language and literature, Luso-African literature. 
Sample Patricia Sobral, Senior Lecturer in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Specializations: Portuguese language, Brazilian cinema, Brazilian literature.
Sample Luiz Valente, Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Comparative Literature. Specializations: 19th and 20th century Brazilian literature and intellectual history, comparative literature, literature of the Americas. 
Leila Lehnen, Associate Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Chair of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Specializations: contemporary Brazilian and Latin American literature, intersection between social justice and cultural production. 
Jeremy Lehnen, Associate Professor of Portuguese, Spanish & Latin American Studies, Interim Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Specializations: masculinity and identity formation in contemporary Latin American literature, cinema, and electronic cultural production. 

Public Health

Sample Timothy Empkie, Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine. Specializations: Family Medicine in Hispaniola and the Dominican Republic, healthcare in Haiti
Sample Omar Galarraga, Assistant Professor of Health Economics. Specializations: Comparative health care systems, statistical analysis of population-level datasets, and global health economics. 
Sample Matthew Mimiaga, Professor of Epidemiology. Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Director for the Institute for Community Health Promotion. Specializations: HIV prevention, mental health, and substance use disorders, psychiatric and infectious disease epidemiology, sexual and gender minority health, global health.

Religious Studies

Sample Thomas Lewis, Associate Professor of Religious Studies. Specializations: Liberation theology in Latin America.


Sample Patrick Heller, Professor of Sociology and International and Public Affairs. Specializations: Inequality and development, urban transformation, democracy, globalization - Brazil, India, South Africa. 
Sample Paget Henry, Professor of Africana Studies and Sociology. Specializations: Dependency theory, Caribbean political economy, sociology of religion, sociology of art and literature, Africana philosophy and religion, race and ethnic relations, poststructuralism, critical theory. 
Sample José Itzigsohn, Professor of Sociology. Specializations: Sociology of development, labor markets in the Caribbean, social movements in Argentina. 
Sample David Lindstrom, Professor of Sociology. Chair of Sociology. Specializations: Demography, migration, reproductive change, Latin America (Mexico and Guatemala), Africa. 
Sample John Logan, Professor of Sociology. Director of Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences. Specializations: Urban sociology, race, and ethnicity, migration and immigration, family, political sociology. 
Laura Lopez-Sanders, Assistant Professor of Sociology. Specializations: immigration, social inequality, and race and ethnic relations.
Sample Timmons Roberts, Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology. Specializations: Climate change and international development. 
Sample Andrew Schrank, Olive C. Watson Professor of Sociology and International Studies. Specializations: Comparative sociology - political, economic, historical.
Sample Leah VanWey, Associate Professor of Sociology. Senior Deputy Director (Research) of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society. Specializations: Migration and household livelihoods in developing countries, community economic development in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Theatre Arts and Performance Arts

Sample Patricia Ybarra, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies. Specializations: Theatre historiography of the Americas, theatre, nationalism, and American identities in North America.

Warren Alpert Medical School

Christian Arbelaez picture
Christian Arbelaez, Vice-Chair of Academic Affairs at the Department of Emergency Medicine and Associate Professor at the Alpert Medical School. Specializations: international emergency care delivery systems and public health and policy with expertise in Latin America
Sample Bruce Becker, Professor of Emergency Medicine. Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Specializations: Smoking cessation, refugee medicine, disaster relief, Nicaragua. 
Sample Joseph Bliss, Associate Professor of Pediatrics. Specializations: Health care in Guatemala. 
Sample Jeffrey Borkan, Professor of Family Medicine. Chair of Family Medicine. Specializations: Doctor-patient communication and narratives, Dominican Republic.
Photo of Dr. Benjamin Brown Dr. Benjamin Brown is Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Clinician Educator at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He is also an attending physician in the Division of Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island.Dr. Brown’s clinical interests include improving the care of limited English-proficiency (LEP) patients, and assisting LEP patients in health system navigation. His research focuses on policy analysis using quantitative methods and an ethics lens. He is involved in advocacy to address disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality, and to ensure all patients have access to comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care.Dr. Brown completed his undergraduate work at Brown University, where he concentrated in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, before continuing on to Alpert Medical School. He completed his residency and fellowships at the University of Chicago, where he also earned a master’s degree in public health sciences.


Suzanne de la Monte, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Professor of Neurosurgery. Specializations: Anatomic pathology, neuropathology, public health. 
Sample Joseph Diaz, Associate Professor of Medicine. Specializations: Dominican Republic exchange program for medical students.
Sample David Egilman, Clinical Professor of Family Medicine. Specializations: Occupational medicine, health, and safety in the workplace, health issues in Latin America, Nicaragua, Cuba. 
Sample Mark Fagan, Professor of Medicine. Co-Director of the Department of Medicine Dominican Republic Exchange Program. 
Sample Timothy Flanigan, Professor of Medicine. Professor of Health Services - Policy and Practice. Specializations: HIV and Hepatitis infections in underserved communities.
Sample John Foggle, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine. Specializations: Emergency and trauma care, cultural context, Nicaragua. 
Sample Roberta Goldman, Clinical Professor of Family Medicine. Specializations: Mid-life changes among Spanish-speaking Latinas, barriers to care in U.S. Hispanic communities. 
Sample Cornelius Granai, Professor Of Obstetrics And Gynecology. Specializations: Gynecologic oncology, obstetrics and gynecology. 
Sample Emily Harrison, Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine. Specializations: Health care in Honduras. 
Sample Rami Kantor, Associate Professor of Medicine. Specializations:  HIV treatment monitoring, diversity, molecular epidemiology, evolution of resistance to antiretroviral drugs.
Sample Michael Lepore, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy, and Practice. Specializations: Medicare, Medicaid, early childhood care. 
Sample Simin Liu, Professor of Epidemiology. Professor of Medicine. Specializations: Pharmacoepidemiology, aging, cardiovascular disease, clinical trials, diabetes, endocrinology, meta-analysis, molecular genetics, nutrition, obesity, sex hormones.
Sample Stephen McGarvey, Professor of Epidemiology. Director of the International Health Institute. Specializations: International health and environmental issues, global health. 
Picture of K. Moretti Katelyn Moretti, Global Emergency Medicine Fellow. Specializations: integration of refugees into the US medical system, access to emergency care in post-conflict Colombia
Sample Amy Nunn, Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Assistant Professor of Medicine. Specializations: Generic medicines for HIV in Brazil and other developing countries. 
Sample Pablo Rodriguez, Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Specializations: Health care in the Dominican Republic. 
Sample Peter Simon, Clinical Associate Professor of Epidemiology. Specializations: Health care in Haiti. 
Sample Barbara Stonestreet, Professor of Pediatrics. Specializations: Health care in the Dominican Republic. 
Sample Patrick Vivier,  Royce Family Associate Professor of Teaching Excellence. Associate Professor of Health Services - Policy and Practice. Specializations: Medicaid managed care, childhood obesity, health issues for low-income families, health services research, immunizations, information technology, lead poisoning, preventive services. 

Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs

Sample Andrew Blackadar, Director of Curriculum Development for the Choices Program. Specializations: International topics for high school social studies classrooms, Brazil's transition to democracy.
Sample Steve Bloomfield, Associate Director of the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. Specializations: Education, development, organizational management. 
Claudia Elliott, Associate Director of the International Relations Program. Senior Lecturer in International Studies. Faculty Fellow. Specializations: Theory of democracy and democratization, electoral reform, comparative democratization, political representation, Latin America, Venezuela, Mexico.
Sample Peter Evans, Senior Fellow of International Studies. Specializations: Comparative political economy of development, globalization and global governance, labor, social movements and transnational civil society.
Jennifer Greenburg, Postdoctoral Fellow in International and Public Affairs. Specializations: Critical human geography, development studies, humanitarianism, US militarism, Haiti.
Stephen Kinzer, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs. Specializations: American foreign policy, journalism, political science, Latin American regime-change
Sample Barbara Stallings, William R. Rhodes Research Professor. Professor of International Studies (Research). Specializations: Economic reform and development in Chile.
Alex Nading, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs. Specializations: global health, the environment, and social justice. 
Aileen Teague is a postdoctoral fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. She holds a Ph.D. in History from Vanderbilt University. Aileen’s research examines the effects of U.S. drug policies and policing efforts on 1970s Mexican politics and society. 
Dario Valles is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs and Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America (CSREA). He recently completed his Ph.D. at Northwestern University and has taught, researched and published at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Valles’ work centers on anthropological and interdisciplinary analysis of welfare infrastructures, race/gender, intimate labor, children/youth, social movements, and Latin American (im)migration and the diaspora. 
Enza García Arreaza is a short fiction writer and poet. She won the VII Literary Award “Cuento Contigo”, from Casa de América (Spain, 2004), with the short story “La parte que le tocó a Caleb.” Author of the books Cállate poco a poco ( MAE, 2008), El bosquede los abedules (Equinoccio and Sudaquia Editores, 2010-2016) and Plegarias para un zorro (bid and co. and Paraiso Perdido, 2012-2018). Her non-fiction works can be found at Revista Climax , Backroom Caracas and Papel Literario . She is also the author of El animal intacto, poems and illustrations (Isla de libros, 2015). In 2016 attended the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico) as part of the program “Ochenteros”, for authors across the continent born in the ’80s. In 2017 she was a resident in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa (Iowa City) and in City of Asylum (Pittsburgh). In 2018 was appointed as Visiting Fellow in Literary Arts at Brown University as part of the International Writers Project.