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BIARI ALUMNI RESEARCH INITIATIVE 2009-2016--Call for Proposals


Call for Proposals 

BIARI participants from BIARI 2009-2016 are invited to apply for alumni funding, made possible by support from Santander Universities. Awards of up to $10,000 are available for teams of BIARI alumni to pursue further collaboration to advance networking, research, teaching collaborations, innovative syllabus development, or proof-of-concept work in preparation for a larger project or grant application involving multiple BIARI alumni. This might include plans for a major grant, a new journal initiative, a database project, or an edited volume; or funding for a group of BIARI alumni to host a workshop or contribute to a major conference, as long as such a gathering serves a longer-term collaborative goal.

Proposals should involve at least three BIARI alumni, conveners, and/or faculty, either working on or based in at least two different countries. This call is open to initiatives from within a single institute, or across years and institutes. Projects should also address the Watson Institute’s core mission to understand and address the world’s greatest challenges through research, teaching, and public engagement on topics in development, security, and governance.

Preference will be given to proposals headed by or involving BIARI 2016 alumni, or involving scholars and practitioners from different disciplinary backgrounds.

Applications should include

A.    Name, affiliation and email contact for the lead applicant(s), and (where appropriate) co-applicants;

B.    Project title and brief summary of the planned activity, in not more than 200 words;

C.    The total amount requested;

D.    Description of proposed project and its connection to the Watson Institute’s core mission, a full list of participants and their proposed contributions, and account of planned outputs;

E.    Further supporting documentation, which might include (depending on the type of grant):

  • Summary/outline of proposed edited volume or special issue of journal;
  • Description of larger project, projected funders, and copies of correspondence with proposed funders;
  • Rationale for the workshop/speaker series, provisional list of speakers or panel topics; account of planned output;
  • Description of conference to be attended, abstract of panel and proposed papers;

F.     Budget, including justification;
G.    Details of other BIARI funding received for the same or any other project involving the lead applicant;
H.    Timeline of work to be supported, and estimated completion date (preference will be given to projects with deliverable outputs before July 2017);
I.      CVs for all named applicants;
J.      Two letters of recommendation/support from (for example) host institution; BIARI convener; or senior scholar in the field of the proposed activity.

For full consideration, applications should be received by November 1, 2016.

Applications should be submitted by email attachment to the BIARI email (biari@brown.edu). Please send all materials, except letters of support, in a single document, either in PDF or Microsoft Word, with the subject line “BIARI seed grant application [last name of lead applicant(s).] Where possible, send the email from the address preferred for correspondence, and cc co-applicants. Send letters of recommendation/support as separate attachments in the same email. It is the applicants’ responsibility to include letters of support and recommendation; if letter-writers prefer to submit their letters directly, indicate this under section J, and ask them to submit to biari@brown.edu with the subject line, “BIARI seed grant application [last name of lead applicant(s)]-letter of support [letter writer’s last name].

We anticipate making award decisions by November 15, 2016.