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Social Entrepreneurship within Health and Humanitarian Innovation

Social entrepreneurship stimulates social change by addressing root causes of problems with a systems lens and creating solutions that are transformative, ethical and sustainable. Social entrepreneurship is a young field that transforms inequitable conditions, including within the healthcare and humanitarian spheres. This field embeds ethics and community engagement into its core approaches, and promotes scholarship to bring a rigorous and critical lens to the effectiveness and impact of the emerging models. This Institute will provide a foundational knowledge of social entrepreneurship as a field of practice and research;  a critical review of social entrepreneurship curriculum and pedagogy; and an examination of case studies from successful and failed partnerships in social entrepreneurial endeavors and research projects. Sessions will include scholars and practitioners, with workshops that support the development of research projects that balance the often conflicting goals of academia and practice.



Mathew Johnson is the Executive Director of the Swearer Center for Public Service, Associate Dean of the College for Engaged Scholarship, and Professor of the Practice in Sociology. The Swearer Center is the home of critical social innovation, community engagement, and engaged scholarship programs for students and community partners. The Center is also the home of the College and University Engagement Initiative, a home for critical research on the role of higher education institutions in addressing pressing social challenges through the practices of their core educational and research missions.   


Adam Levine is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Humanitarian Innovation Initiative at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs of Brown University. His research focuses on improving the delivery of emergency care in resource-limited settings and during humanitarian emergencies. He also serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review, published annually in Academic Emergency Medicine.


Jennifer is a Presidential Diversity Post Doctoral Fellow at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship. Her research interests include: U.S. Long-Term Care Services; Social Determinants of Health; Women’s Migration, Labor and Entrepreneurship. She organized the Center’s first one-day conference, “Entrepreneurship at the Intersection of Diversity and Inequality.” 


Linda is Visiting Scholar at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, and Professor Emeritus, DP World Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, at the University of Oxford.