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BIARI at Brown 2013

Population and Development: New Approaches to Enduring Global Problems

Population and Development

With the world’s population officially surpassing seven billion, this institute addressed the crucial and interlinked issues of population and development, particularly as they affect people in the Global South. What are the most significant population issues in the 21st century? How do population dynamics and the policies designed to address them contribute to or detract from equitable development? How can theories and methods in the social sciences contribute to understanding the relation-ship between population and development, and how can this scholarship contribute to better policies and programs? Participants engaged with cutting-edge theory, innovative and tested research methods, and first-rate scholarship upon which to build their own research programs.



Affiliated Researcher at Brown University
Dahl's work explores the social effects of international humanitarian organizations' efforts to provide aid during Africa's HIV pandemic. She examines how foreign aidworkers' practices intersect with the priorities, shifting modes of self-expression, and daily lives of targeted populations in Botswana.


Daniel J. Smith is Professor and Chair of Anthropology at Brown University and a Faculty Fellow at the Watson Institute. Broadly, Professor Smith's research focuses on understanding the intersection of social change and social reproduction, particularly as it unfolds in population processes and health-related behavior. His work also examines political culture in Nigeria, especially issues related to inequality and development. Much of this work focuses on understanding the intersection of social imagination, politics, and contemporary issues in Nigeria, including democracy, violence, vigilantism, and corruption.