Watson Institute for Internation and Public Affairs
Brown International Advanced Research Institutes

Program alumni pursue their collaborations through BIARI-funded research and residencies.  

Alumni Projects

Participants in BIARI have the unique opportunity to share their own research and ideas, as well as identify shared interests and concerns, in a vibrant, face-to-face community of engaged scholars.  Each year, BIARI then invites proposals from program alumni to convert such conversations into viable research, pedagogical, or public outreach projects.  Out of 853 participants in BIARI from 2009 to 2014, 203 have received further support from BIARI to collaborate within and beyond this network. Seed grants and residency awards from BIARI of up to $10,000 each have directly contributed to BIARI alumni teams receiving further grants from the Mellon Foundation (USA), the Carolina Foundation (Spain), and AHRC (UK), totaling over $410,000.  As well as leveraging additional funding, BIARI alumni have launched innovative comparative research, developed new outreach tools to reach wider audiences, and explored collaborative teaching.