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A Comparative Study of the Methods and Impacts of Employment Guarantee Schemes across the Global South

Inclusion or Elite Capture?

The first part of this project is synthesize the findings on NREGS based on secondary information and provide an overall assessment of the spread and effectiveness of a rights-based, decentralized, community-driven scheme in tackling poverty and social, political and economic exclusions.

The second part of this project is to summarize the already documented country experiences for South Africa (e.g. on Expanded Public Works Programme - EPWP), Argentina (e.g. Trabajar; Jefes de Hogar, JH; Asignación Universal por Hijo, AUH), Brazil (e.g. Bolsa Familia, BF), and Bangladesh.

The third part is a comparative analysis of these countries' experiences, including that of India, focusing on case studies as much as possible.

The objective is to understand how far these programs across the global south are effective in ushering growth with equity.