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Poverty, Redistribution and Formal-Informal Conflicts in Developing Economies

The goal of this project was, through rigorous and multiple rounds of meetings/discussions and through acquiring plausible expert comments, to formulate a common research program depending on the experiences of the three countries: India, South Africa, and Argentina. The primary target was to interrogate the proposed policy of ‘inclusive growth’ and through that, the object of analysis was the formal – informal sector relations in the three countries: whether formal sector growth is inclusionary in the sense of either internalizing the informal sector or developing/maturing it or this expansion of formal sector excludes the informal sector and even deepens its marginalization. This inclusion/exclusion/marginalization of informal sector in presence of formal sector growth could be captured through:

  1. the analysis of the intersectoral (statistical) relations,
  2. through the income dynamics of informal sectors having probable impacts on overall poverty and
  3. through the political-economic implications having manifestations in the domain of politics inducing more inclusionary/exclusionary political processes.

The finalization of the proposed project was done through direct participation in round-tables.

Conference program: http://www.uca.edu.ar/uca/common/grupo82/files/2011_Cs-Pol_Conferencia-brown-university.pdf

Published article: http://cje.oxfordjournals.org/content/37/6/1349.full