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Human Rights from a Third World Perspective

Critique, History and International Law

BIARI alumni publication funding was granted to Critical Global Humanities alumnus, Jose-Manuel Barreto, to help publish the book, Human Rights from a Third World Perspective: Critique, History and International Law.  The fourteen-chapter book, edited by Barreto, aims to compile a wealth of Third World interpretations of human rights, focusing in particular on the relationship between empires and colonies, the emergence of indigenous groups, and the negative consequences of globalization and neo-colonialism. The book seeks to develop a critique of and enter into a dialogue with Eurocentric interpretations of human rights. The introduction and the chapter “Imperialism and Decolonization as Scenarios of Human Rights History” were written by Barreto. The book also includes a chapter, “The Dual Haitian Revolution and the Making of Freedom in Modernity,” by Critical Global Humanities convener Professor Anthony Bogues