The Center for Middle East Studies at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown promotes research, teaching and public engagement on key issues of the Middle East in a historically and culturally grounded manner. Its coverage includes all time periods — from antiquity to contemporary geopolitics — and an expansive geographical imagination in which the Middle East is both a region with changing boundaries and a conceptual entity part of global discourses. As the hub for Middle East studies at Brown, the Center supports research and programming generated by a world-renowned faculty. It houses a thriving undergraduate concentration connected to an extensive interdisciplinary curriculum. The Center acts as a second intellectual and social home for a large group of graduate students spread across Brown's departments that grant advanced degrees. Through collaboration with other units on campus, the Center furthers Brown's work as a global university especially dedicated to seeking a just and prosperous future for all. With an extensive footprint in research, teaching and advocacy, the Center is a major academic node in the international network of institutions dedicated to discussing a region crucial to global affairs