Middle East Studies


MES 1240 Middle East as Global History: Comparing and Connecting Theories and Approaches

W 3:00-5:30 p.m.
Professor: Meltem Toksoz
This seminar explores a global history perspective to the Middle East and a Middle Eastern perspective to global history since the late eighteenth century to the twentieth century and beyond. This is a time in which shifting global orderings and ties between regions of the world become reconfigured around newly visible, large-scale processes and shifting flows of power: statesmen, thinkers, revolutions, war and migration render themselves to new forms of global imagination beyond imperialism and colonialism. The seminar intends to provide a rich expose on new trends in history writing focus on global history and transnational perspectives.

MES 1244 Orientalism and the Question of Palestine
Course syllabus

M 3:00-5:30 p.m.
Professor: Adi Ophir
Edward Said's ground breaking work, Orientalism, was published in 1978. A year later, Said published The Question of Palestine, whose explicit task was to present the Palestinian story and cause to an American and European audience. We will be acquainted with some moments from the history of "the question of" as a form intellectual intervention and a politics of discourse that both expresses and takes part in polarized relations of power. We will ask who is authorized to be an author of such a question and who is placed in the position of its problematized object and its context.

(Meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss)

ANTH 1126 Ethnographies of Heritage: Community and Landscape of the Mediterranean and Beyond (Peter van Dommelen) DIAP

ARAB 0200 First-Year Arabic
(Elsa Belmont Flores, Alla Hassan)
ARAB 0400 Second-Year Arabic (Elsa Belmont Flores, Mirena Christoff)
ARAB 0600 Third-Year Arabic (Elsa Belmont Flores)
ARAB 0800 Advanced Arabic: Tales of the City (Alla Hassan)

Archaeology and the Ancient World
ARCH 1475 Petra: Ancient Wonder, Modern Challenge (Felipe A Rojas Silva)
ARCH 1538 Divided Places: From Conflict to Understanding, Memory, and Reconciliation (Georgia Andreou) DIAP
ARCH 1670 The Beginning of the End? Neolithic "Revolutions" and the Shaping of the Modern World (Yannis Hamilakis)

ASYR 1010 Intermediate Akkadian
(Matthew Glassman)
ASYR 1700 Astronomy, Divination and Politics in the Ancient World (John Steele) WRIT

CLASS 0660 The World of Byzantium (Byron Macdougall) WRIT | DIAP

Comparative Literature

COLT 0711K Arab Voices beyond the Middle East: Cultural Encounters in Europe and the Americas (Gregory Halaby) 
COLT 1310J The Arab Renaissance
(Elias Muhanna) (This course can be used to fulfill one MES language requirement)
Course flyer | PDF
COLT 1310L Political Commitment in Modern Arabic Literature (Gregory Halaby) WRIT | DIAP
COLT 1814S The Balkans, Europe's Other?: Literature, Film, History (Vangelis Calotychos) 

FREN 1410R Images d’une guerre sans nom: The Algerian War in Literature and Film (Ourida Mostefai) WRIT | DIAP

HEBR 0200 Elementary Hebrew (Ruth Adler Ben Yehuda)
HEBR 0400 Intermediate Hebrew (Ruth Adler Ben Yehuda)
HEBR 0600 Issues in Contemporary Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture in Hebrew (David Jacobson) DIAP

HIST 0150D Refugees: A Twentieth-Century History (Vazira F-Y Zamindar)
Course Flyer
HIST 1455 The Making of the Modern Middle East (Meltem Toksoz)

HMAN 1973N Islam in America: A Global History
(Faiz Ahmed)

International Relations
INTL 1803T Refugees, States, and the International System of Refugee Management (Rawan Arar) WRIT

Judaic Studies
JUDS 1610 The Archaeology of Jerusalem: From the Origins to the Ottomans (Katharina Galor)
JUDS 1690 Prophets and Priests in Exile: Biblical Literature of the 6th Century BCE (Saul Olyan)
JUDS 1711 History of the State of Israel: 1948 to the Present (Rachel Rojanski) WRIT

Modern Culture and Media
MCM 1505Z Kiarostami: Questions of Cinema + Reality (Joan Copjec) WRIT

Modern Greek
MGRK 1210 A Migration Crisis? Displacement, Materiality, and Experience (Yannis Hamilakis)

PRSN 0200 Basic Persian
(Iraj Anvar)
PRSN 0400 Intermediate Persian Language and Culture (Iraj Anvar)
PRSN 0500 Advanced Persian Language and Culture II (Iraj Anvar)

PHIL 1002 Avicenna (Lidia Gocheva)

Religious Studies
RELS 0015 Sacred Stories
(Susan Harvey) WRIT | DIAP
RELS 0088 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Michael Satlow)
RELS 0575 On Human Longing: Persian and Urdu Poetry (Shahzad Bashir)
RELS 1500 From Moses to Muhammad: Prophets of the Ancient World (Jae Hee Han) WRIT
RELS 2050 Religious Identities in Sasanian Persia (Jae Hee Han)
RELS 2160 Aramaic Readings (Saul Olyan)
RELS 2400A Orthodoxy and Heresy in Islamic Thought (Nancy Khalek)

TKSH 0200 Introduction to Turkish Language and Culture I (Ercan Balci)
TKSH 0400 Intermediate Turkish II (Ercan Balci)