Middle East Studies

Spring 2022 Courses


MES 0100 The Middle East: Cultures & Societies
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00-10:50 a.m.
Professor: Alex Winder
Location: Rockefeller Library 412

This course highlights major cultural, social, and political developments in the amorphous region known, since the 20th century, as the Middle East. Covering expanses of space and time, this course attends to a diversity of peoples and polities, and considers different regional concepts that include some or all of the territories normally included in the Middle East (including the Fertile Crescent, the Mediterranean world, the Indian Ocean world, the Arab world, and the Muslim world) and addresses the region's coherence in terms of shared historical and political experiences, religious and cultural references or practices, and/or socialities and ways of being.



ARAB 0200 First-Year Arabic (Alla Hassan, Miled Faiza)
ARAB 0400 Second-Year Arabic (Elsa Belmont Flores)
ARAB 0600 Third-Year Arabic (Miled Faiza)
ARAB 0800B Advanced Arabic II: Arabic of the Quran (Alla Hassan)
ARAB 0950 Advanced Reading and Composition in Arabic: Arabic Fiction in the West  (Miled Faiza)


HEBR 0200 Elementary Hebrew (Ruth Adler Ben Yehuda)
HEBR 0400 Intermediate Hebrew (Ruth Adler Ben Yehuda)
HEBR 0600 Issues in Contemporary Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture in Hebrew (David Jacobson)


PRSN 0200 Basic Persian (Michelle Quay)
PRSN 0400 Intermediate Persian Language and Culture (Michelle Quay)


TKSH 0200 Introduction to Turkish (Esra Ozdemir)
TKSH 0400 Intermediate Turkish II (Esra Ozdemir)
TKSH 1100 Introductory Ottoman Turkish I (Esra Ozdemir) (flyer)


Courses that may count towards electives, meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss


ANTH 1145 Barbarians and Bandits: Exploring Subaltern Resilience and State Power (Peter van Dommelen)
ANTH 1911 Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East (Nadje Al-Ali) DIAP

Archaeology and the Ancient World

ARCH 0255 Monsters (Felipe Rojas Silva) DIAP | WRIT
ARCH 1538 Heritage Under Fire: From Conflict to Understanding, Memory, and Reconciliation
 (Nour Munawar) DIAP
ARCH 1635 The Great Heresy: Egypt in the Amarna Period (Laurel Bestock)
ARCH 2670 Between the Sahara and the Sea: North Africa in the Ancient World (Candace Rice)


ASYR 0500 Mathematics in the Ancient World (Erica Meszaros)
ASYR 2430 Akkadian Historical Texts (Matthew Rutz) Graduate Seminar
ASYR 2950 Scribal and Scholarly Practices in Babylonia and Assyria (John Steele) Graduate Seminar


CLAS 0660 The World of Byzantium (Byron MacDougall)
CLAS 1230 The Persian Empire and Achaemenid Culture (Graham Oliver)

Comparative Literature

COLT 1310E A Classical Islamic Education: Readings in Arabic Literature (Elias Muhanna)


EGYT 0600 Ancient True Crime: Murder, Conspiracy, and Law in the Ancient World (Maria Almansa Villatoro)
EGYT 1320 Introduction to Classical Hieroglyphic Egyptian Writing and Language (Middle Egyptian II) (Rafa Saade Saade)
EGYT 1410 Ancient Egyptian Literature (James Allen) WRIT
EGYT 1485 Magic, Mummies, and Drugs: Medicine and Physicians in Ancient Egypt (Silvia Nigrelli) WRIT
EGYT 1490 Calendars and Chronology in Ancient Egypt and the Ancient World (Leo Depuydt)
EGYT 2300 Readings in Ancient Egyptian (Leo Depuydt) Graduate seminar


FREN 1710J Geopolitics and Identity Divide in the Levant (Maan Alsahoui) WRIT

History of Art and Architecture

HIAA 0432 Pilgrimage Art and Architecture in the Middle Ages (Erica Kinias)


HIST 0150D Refugees: A Twentieth-Century History (Vazira Zamindar)
HIST 1948 Global Palestine (Alex Winder) DIAP

Judaic Studies

JUDS 1974 Digging for the Bible: Science, Religion, and Politics (Katharina Galor) WRIT

Modern Culture and Media

MCM 0902V Imperial Visions/Decolonial Practices: From Palestine to Turtle Island (Sherena Razek) DIAP | WRIT
MCM 1504R Iranian Cinema (Joan Copjec) WRIT

Modern Greek Studies

MGRK 1210 A Migration Crisis? Displacement, Materiality, and Experience (Yannis Hamilakis)


PRSN 0720 Modern Iran: Literature, Media & Pop Culture (Michelle Quay) (flyer)
PRSN 1150 Persian Historical Texts & Codicology (Michelle Quay)

Political Science

POLS 1822I Geopolitics of Oil and Energy (Jeffrey Colgan) WRIT

Religious Studies

RELS 0090A Women and Gender in Ancient Religions (Susan Ashbrook Harvey) FYS | WRIT
RELS 0095B Islam in Fiction: History, Romance, Satire
 (Shahzad Bashir)
RELS 1325A Educating Bodies in Ancient Christianity (Jae Hee Han) DIAP | WRIT
RELS 2050 Religious Identities in Sasanian Persia (Jae Hee Han) Graduate Seminar


SOC 1128 Migrants, Refugees and the Mediterranean (Lisa DiCarlo)

Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

TAPS 0800K Islam Between Theatre and Performance (Kenneth Molloy) DIAP


TKSH 0720B Istanbul, Global Metropolis (Esra Ozdemir) (flyer)

University Courses

UNIV 1001 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Contested Narratives (David Jacobson)

Urban Studies

URBN 1870K Jerusalem Divided: Politics and Cultural Heritage (Katharina Galor) WRIT


ANTH 1911 Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East (Nadje Al-Ali)
ARCH 0255 Monsters (Felipe Rojas Silva)
ARCH 1538 Heritage Under Fire: From Conflict to Understanding, Memory, and Reconciliation (Nour Munawar)
HIST 1948 Global Palestine (Alex Winder)
MCM 0902V Imperial Visions/Decolonial Practices: From Palestine to Turtle Island (Sherena Razek)
RELS 1325A Educating Bodies in Ancient Christianity (Jae Hee Han)
TAPS 0800K Islam Between Theatre and Performance (Kenneth Molloy)