ARAB 0100 First-Year Arabic
ARAB 0300 Second-Year Arabic
ARAB 0500 Third-Year Arabic
ARAB 0700 Advanced Arabic: Tales of the City
ARAB 1100: Love, Revolution and Nostalgia in Modern Arabic Poetry
ARAB 1990B: Advanced Egyptian Arabic: Displacement and Diaspora in a Modernizing Egypt

ARCH 0150 Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology and Art
ARCH 2153 Archaeological Ethnography: A Multi-Temporal Contact Zone

ASYR 0310 Thunder-gods and Dragon-slayers: Mythology + Cultural Contact – Ancient Mediterranean and Near East
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
ASYR 0800 The Cradle of Civilization? An Introduction to the Ancient Near East
ASYR 1400 Introduction to Sumerian

CLAS 0660 The World of Byzantium
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
CLAS 1120E Slavery in the Ancient World

Comparative Literature 
COLT 0510K The 1001 Nights
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
COLT 0812H Literary Bestsellers of the Islamic World
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
COLT0812I Anxieties of Origins in the Fictions of the Maghreb
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
COLT 1310G Silk Road Fictions
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
COLT1610U Women’s Writing in the Arab World
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

Development Studies
DEVL 1802R The History and Politics of Development in the Middle East
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

EGYT 1310 Introduction to Classical Hieroglyphic Egyptian Writing and Language (Middle Egyptian I)
EGYT 1330 Selections from Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts
EGYT 1410 Ancient Egyptian Literature
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

History of Art and Architecture
HIAA 0041 The Architectures of Islam
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

HIST 0244 Understanding the Middle East: 1800 to Present
HIST 0244 Understanding the Middle East: 1800s to the Present
HIST 1960Q Medicine and Public Health in Africa 
HIST 1965Q Anti-Semitism, Anti-Judaism, Anti-Zionism: Historical Connections and Disconnections
HIST 1968 Approaches to the Middle East
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
HIST 1969A Israel-Palestine: Lands and Peoples I
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
HIST 1979K The Indian Ocean World

International Relations
INTL 1802Q Iran and the Islamic Revolution
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
INTL 1803K Media Wars: The Middle East
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

Judaic Studies
JUDS 0050M Difficult Relations? Judaism and Christianity from the Middle Ages until the Present
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement
JUDS 0100 Elementary Hebrew
JUDS 0300 Intermediate Hebrew
JUDS 0500 Writing and Speaking Hebrew
JUDS 1625 Problems in Israelite Religion and Ancient Judaism

MUSC 0045 Music, Nation, and Identity in the Middle East

Political Science
POLS 1822I Geopolitics of Oil and Energy
     *Fulfills Capstone Requirement

PRSN 0100 Basic Persian 
PRSN 0300 Intermediate Persian Language and Culture
PRSN 0500 Advanced Persian Language and Culture I

TKSH 0100 Introduction to Turkish Language and Culture I

University Courses 
UNIV 1001 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Contested Narratives